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EfficientIP announces new distribution partner Akon Technologies in Russian Federation

December 11, 2019 | Efficient IP

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Akon Technologies partners with EfficientIP to improve network automation and security across Russia.


EfficientIP, the network security and automation specialist announces new distribution partner in Russia, Akon Technologies, a leading provider of critical network services to expand support and development in Russian Federation.

With more and more businesses relying on IP based applications, Akon Technologies customers will benefit from the best solutions to ensure business continuity and data integrity. Akon and EfficientIP’s solutions will help businesses stay online and secure against data loss by making the IP infrastructure foundation reliable, agile and secure.

The addition of the unique EfficientIP network automation and security solution to Akon’s portfolio will provide customers with simplified processes and help them be more competitive. A growing number of IP addresses and the mixture of cloud and in-house computing is making IT more complex, but EfficientIP is helping businesses simplify processes and become more competitive.


«AKON Technologies» LLC provides a set of services for the development and implementation of information security systems (including systems for the protection of personal data), enterprise data networks and voice, backbone and access networks for telecommunications operators. Implementation of these systems include work on pre-survey (Information Systems Audit), development and coordination of the Technical Specifications, design, implementation, and subsequent delivery to the customer services. The company specializes in the design of complex integrated solutions for secure IT-infrastructure of an enterprise.

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