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Ismet Issaadi

L1 Technical support engineer

"The atmosphere at work is cool, colleagues are highly competent, which allows for quick progress."


What is your daily job? 

I am currently a Technical Support Engineer. I receive tickets every day with different problems related to DNS, DHCP, and IPAM and I try to find solutions to resolve the problems raised by the clients. I also take care of creating support access accounts and the generation of licenses.

Why did you choose this job?

I choose this job because I’m passionate about the field of computer science. I am always learning something new and seeking new technical challenges.

I specifically choose technical support because I encounter a new problem with each new ticket and always find new solutions, which allows me to break out of routine to do everyday the same thing or work only on one topic.

This also allows me to stay up to date with new technologies and obtain new certifications, and advance to higher levels in my professional career.

What qualities make a good technical support engineer ?

Among the most important qualities, curiosity is key. An engineer must always learn and develop their knowledge by taking on new, sometimes difficult tickets in order to rise to the challenge of solving them.

A second important quality is organization, as the engineer must manage their ongoing tickets and respond to clients within a specific time frame.

Lastly, the engineer must develop their communication skills, as they must organize meetings with clients and discuss the problems that need to be resolved.

The project you are most proud of ?

The project I am most proud of is my project during my licence degree where I created a radio receiver all by myself from scratch.  I developed the Software part using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers.

Then, i created the hardware part using resistors, capacitors and transistors on a breadboard that i soldered myself.

If you had to give 3 pieces of advice to a new employee, what would they be?

I would advise a new employee to thoroughly understand the EfficientIP environment (DNS DHCP IPAM), as this is what all projects are based on.

Pass the certifications on the product as this will allow you to acquire new skills.

Lastly, be serious about advancing in your career.

If you had to describe EfficientIP in a few words ? 

EfficientIP is an inspiring environment with a futuristic solution and a pleasant work place.

How would you describe the atmosphere at work? 

The atmosphere at work is cool, colleagues are highly competent, which allows for quick progress. Personally I ask a lot of questions and I always find someone to help and guide me which is great for learning.

Our CSE organizes many events, which allows us to disconnect from work and break out of routine. Being a football fan, we organize matches with other teams. IN summary, I find all the necessary conditions to progress and thrive in my work.

If you had to choose 3 mentors, who would they be and why? 

The personalities that inspire me the most are Steve Jobs because he succeeded in creating a brand with a story behind it. When you buy an Apple product, you’re also buying a whole ecosystem. 

I would also choose David Bombal because he virtually accompanied me during my certifications through all his content on Youtube.

Lastly, at the same level, Cristiano Ronaldo & Michael Jordan because in addition to being exceptional athletes they are the most disciplined people on earth.

” Without discipline, nothing can be achieved “

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