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Cyber Threat Intelligence: IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report

IDC 2023 Report on DNS Security offers recommendations for enhancing cyber threat intelligence and zero trust, and protect against ransomware and data theft

80% of orgs acknowledge that DNS Security is critical for their security posture. The IDC report describes impacts of DNS attacks and explains how DNS data and tools can be leveraged to:

Augment DNS threat intelligence for proactive defense

Enhance visibility and control for extended enterprises

Move Zero Trust strategies forward

Elevate detection of ransomware and data theft

Improve handling of Shadow IT

Increase SOC efficiency and enable end-to-end protection

Strengthen Your Network Protection with Smart DNS Security

Year after year, the impacts and costs of DNS attacks continue to cause severe damage. Organizations need to take DNS security seriously, so the time to act is now!


Due to the critical importance of the DNS protocol in today’s threat landscape, the need for specialized Threat Intelligence on DNS is unquestionable.


For hardened network protection, DNS security tools and actionable data must be better utilized in order to offer proactive defense and early threat detection, secure connectivity for work-from-anywhere, and provide a simple starting point for zero trust strategies.


“DNS plays an important role in the implementation of various security concepts, helping to protect organizations against the threat landscape and ensure the security of their resources: users, devices, applications, and services.”
Romain Foucherau, Research Manager, European Security, IDC

IDC Global DNS Threat Survey Key Findings

Explore crucial insights in this video derived from the Report: IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report – Augmenting Cyber Threat Intelligence, featuring expertise from IDC Security Expert Romain Fouchereau. Unveil survey key findings, delve into IDC’s market insights on the key trends, and learn how DNS Threat Intelligence can empower proactive defense.


Topics Covered:

  • Main DNS attack types, impacts, and trends
  • State of defenses
  • The critical role of DNS Security in the network security ecosystem