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Network Automation Hub

DDI with Open APIs, built-in Network Source of Truth, and network discovery tools accelerates network automation initiatives and zero touch operations for network management and security.

Network Automation Hub

Overcoming Slow Time To Market, Low Productivity and Spiraling Costs

End-to-end IT management automation has become key for a successful cloud strategy shift including public, private, hybrid and multicloud. In this context, DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP address management) and Network Automation Hub solutions have a major role to play for ensuring global visibility, unified and accurate resource management, and process automation. DDI is the first step of your network automation journey.

Ddi As a Network Automation Hub to Accelerate Your Network Automation Journey
Network Automation Hub

DDI as a Network Automation Hub to Accelerate Your Network Automation Journey

DDI provides foundational building blocks for advancing network automation implementations. Using DDI as a Network Automation Hub improves operational efficiency by saving time and reducing network outages, human errors, and MTTR, enhances network compliance and security by policy enforcement, and accelerates app and service deployment with comprehensive asset management.


Being an open platform with REST APIs, SDKs, and plugins, SOLIDserverTM DDI combined with EfficientIP network discovery products Cloud Observer and NetChange IPLocator fuels, consolidates, and maintains a comprehensive and accurate Network Source of Truth (NSoT). Serving as a true Network Automation Hub, it allows your IT teams to view actionable data and metadata across diverse networks, automate workflows by pushing and pulling this data to feed other tools (NAC, ITSM, or SIEM…), and connect the IT ecosystem to enable end-to-end lifecycle management of network and security operations.

Effective Network Source of Truth and APIs for Achieving Full-Stack Automation

Network Automation is only possible if accurate shareable network data exists. A recent EMA report confirmed that poor data quality is a major roadblock for successful collaboration between NetSecOps teams.


EfficientIP’s API-first IPAM solves this issue by offering a central consolidated repository of valuable IP-related data & metadata on network objects across both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Even network objects deployed in public or private clouds are covered, thanks to the EfficientIP Cloud Observer discovery tool, ensuring comprehensive visibility. This actionable data is then easily made available to other tools from the IT ecosystem via APIs. On the flip side, data from the ecosystem can also be pushed to IPAM and reconciled using APIs in order to automatically keep the repository accurate and-up-to-date.

Network Automation Hub
Network Automation Hub

Vendor-Agnostic Cloud Orchestration Integration with Flexible APIs & Plugins

SOLIDserverTM DDI appliance suite can be seamlessly integrated with leading cloud orchestrators to automate provisioning workflow (VMware vRealize, Hashicorp Terraform). Flexible APIs and plugins enable purpose-built and intelligent sub-orchestration processes with existing orchestration platforms. SOLIDserverTM DDI brings centralized visibility and greater level of automation in multi-cloud environments for provisioning and deprovisioning of IP, DNS, and DHCP services, thus ensuring fast and easy deployments according to specific management policies.


Configuration managers (Ansible, Chef, Puppet) can ensure dynamic interaction with DDI resources, enabling agile and streamlined model-driven infrastructure deployments.

Policy-Driven Network and Cloud Provisioning for Smooth Transition

SOLIDserverTM DDI appliance suite helps enterprises smoothly transition from traditional IT to cloud-based infrastructures and services. Policy-driven deployments based on customized parameters enable alignment with your processes and organization for secure and reliable data center, public cloud and multicloud networks, or edge cloud automation. This dramatically shortens time-to-service, improves agility, reduces operating costs, boosts network compliance, and paves the way for cloud-first architectures.

Network Automation Hub
Network Automation Hub

Unlocking End-to-end Automation of Processes

Integrating EfficientIP’s Network Automation Hub including DDI, built-in NSoT, and APIs, is a key starting point to automate manual tasks, workflows, and processes end-to-end. It brings network and cloud automation capability for DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps, enabling automated and more effective resource management, from provisioning to decommissioning. SDN, SD-WAN, and VM deployments are simplified and accelerated. On the security side, security policies and rules management such as those used for firewalls are kept accurate, and threat remediation efficiency is enhanced for SOCs and SOAR platforms. Your organization is put well and truly on the path to Zero Touch operations.

Valuable Automation Use Cases

There are many cases where EfficientIP’s Network Automation Hub helps accelerate network automation implementations, including :


1. Security Policies Management to Keep Firewall Rules Up-to-Date
Combining DDI with Tufin SecureTrack guarantees error-free configurations, updated in real-time for ensuring defined security policies are adhered to.


2. Providing Visibility for SDN Deployments
Networks created with Cisco DNA are reflected in the IPAM repository, providing enhanced visibility


3. SD-WAN Orchestration Based on Dynamic Data Repository
For SD-WAN projects, NSoT IP data and metadata drives orchestration of IP management for better rollout control of sites and services


4. IaC and VM Provisioning
Terraform can feed on IPAM to build on-demand infrastructure and enable application access through DDI automation and DNS record management


5. User Tracking for Audit Trail and RBAC
Every change in the source of truth repository is logged for analysis, which is very valuable for security, compliance, governance, and auditing

Network Automation Hub

Secure & Accelerate Rollout of Your Apps & Services with automated DDI Video

Unleash the power of network efficiency! Discover how to secure and expedite the rollout of your applications and services using Automated DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) technology. In this insightful video, we explore transformative strategies to safeguard and accelerate your deployment processes and automate life-cycle management of VM resources by integrating DDI to orchestration processes.

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Benefits of DDI for Network and Cloud Automation

Leveraging SOLIDserverTM DDI as a Network Automation Hub for your automation of networks, public, private and, edge cloud brings many benefits:

Icon end to End
Enable Zero-Touch Networks

Connect DDI with IT management systems for automated policy-driven operations.

Threat Intelligence Cost
Reduced Operational Costs

Advanced DDI automation of management tasks and workflow processes saving time, reducing human errors, and increasing IT teams’ operational efficiency.

Icon world
Global Visibility & Control

Unified view of physical and virtual resources and attributes across multifaceted networks including cloud platforms.

Icon availability Scalability
Improved Resiliency & Scalability

Error-free configuration, consistency control, ensured compliance, and high-availability of DDI services.

Icon firewall
Strengthened Security

Policies and rules automatically updated across security components such as firewalls.

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