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Cisco Umbrella Integration

Extend security perimeters and strengthen defenses.

Your Apps, Data and Users Are Being Attacked – Anywhere, Anytime

We live in a hyper-connected world, which suffers from an extremely dynamic threat environment. DNS is critical for users anywhere to access apps and services, so has become a primary target as well as an assault vector for hackers – damaging revenue, brand reputation and operational efficiency of companies in all verticals. The need for innovative security solutions has never been so evident, to protect your users and valuable resources throughout your network and beyond.

Cisco Umbrella Integration user threats infographic

Cisco Umbrella & EfficientIP: Protect against the widest range of DNS threats, on & off your network

The combination of Cisco Umbrella and EfficientIP DNS Guardian extends security perimeters to strengthen your network defenses. This complementary technology alliance combines threat intelligence services to protect against malicious domains, with behavioral detection of attacks and adaptive security. It offers a best-of-breed solution to identify and act against threats enterprise and internet-wide, faster than anyone. There’s no better way to ensure internal/external service continuity, safeguard data confidentiality, and protect your users wherever they may be.

EfficientIP Cisco Umbrella Integration infographic

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Ease of Use and Deployment

Deploying the integrated Cisco Umbrella and DNS Guardian solution is extremely simple and fast. Offering a unique global view of traffic and enriched alert information, security of your network is strengthened in a matter of just minutes.

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Plug & Play Solution

Thanks to native integration between technologies.

Detailed Visibility Over Traffic

Across your entire network, as well as for off-site users.

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Faster Remediation

Due to detailed IP-device information (port connection, name…)

Stronger Overall Security – On and Off-Network

Securing your DNS services goes a long way towards securing your overall network. Incorporating Cisco Umbrella technology with our DNS Guardian offers you actionable intelligence, powerful security and faster remediation against all attack types across your landscape.

What We Do

How We Do It

Safeguard data confidentialityContext-aware, behavioral threat detection
Prevent initial malware infection, phishing and stop communication with CnC serverPredictive & dynamic threat intelligence on reputation domains for on/off-network users
Improve resiliency & mitigate zero-day vulnerabilitiesDeployment of hybrid DNS engine technology to support hybrid architectures
Protect internal DNS services continuityAdaptive countermeasures - even when attack source is unidentifiable (low signal attacks)
Strengthen network security ecosystemDirect integration with SIEM

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EfficientIP Cisco Umbrella Integration infographic
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Simplify & Secure Your Network

When our goal is to help companies face the challenges of modern infrastructures and digital transformation, actions speak louder than words.

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