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DDI for the Hybrid Workforce

Enable work-from-anywhere by controlling access, security and data privacy.

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The Rise of the Hybrid Workforce

COVID-19 prompted many companies to quickly move to remote work models. But what started as a temporary fix to a pressing problem soon proved to be a valuable, flexible way to do business, and remote work has become a widely accepted business practice. As they work in locations ranging from home offices to coffee shops and cars, however, remote workers present a variety of challenges in terms of connecting them to companies’ cloud and on-premise systems—and IT departments are looking for ways to make those connections safer and more reliable in order to support a hybrid workforce that encompasses both remote and on-site workers.

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To help companies enable and empower the hybrid workforce, EfficientIP offers intelligent DDI solutions designed to ensure employees can access their vital on-prem and cloud apps and services, from anywhere and at any time.


DNS Security features help enforce security policies even for remote workers to protect infrastructures while safeguarding data confidentiality and privacy. Users are therefore offered remote access security and solid data privacy that is needed for an effective, productive hybrid workforce.

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Rather than relying on VPN, companies often mainly use exposed apps and cloud services accessible via standard ISP/public DNS service. This makes it impossible to ensure solid privacy for sensitive data.


To eliminate that vulnerability, EfficientIP makes use of DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to offer “private DNS” for any remote device of the organization including desktop/laptop computers and smartphones. This helps avoid eavesdropping and keeps data related to traffic within the organization.

Protecting Remote Workers: Private DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for Enhanced Security Video

Safeguarding remote enterprise users while respecting their privacy is paramount. Optimal security and control are achieved through the implementation of a corporate DNS service. Enhance this solution further by integrating DNS over HTTPS (DoH), providing simplified management and an additional layer of data privacy protection.

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Integrated DDI Solution Benefits

EfficientIP solutions ensure organizations can deploy work from anywhere strategy without compromising productivity, performance or privacy for their employees.

Heightened Security Posture
Embedded Security

Corporate security policies extended to off-premise workers and IoT

Enhanced Network Resilience
Maintained Business Continuity

Cloud and datacenter apps securely accessible from anywhere

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Enhanced Data Privacy

Use of “Private DNS” to avoid ISP knowing what apps are accessed

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Improved Control

Dynamic, accurate network visibility across on-prem, cloud and remote

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Leverage Current Investment

Transform your network’s capabilities to cope with work-from-anywhere

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