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Simplify & Secure Your Network

EfficientIP enables Network Automation and strengthens DNS Security with DDI Technology to control and secure anywhere access to your enterprise and cloud applications.

Efficientip Ddi

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Overcome Management Complexity and Misconfiguration Risks


Overcome management complexity & misconfiguration

We help your Network Control:

  • Dynamic Network Source of Truth data repository
  • Global visibility over resources on premise and in cloud
  • Unified management from one single interface
  • Eliminate infrastructure configuration errors
Reduce Time consuming Netops


Reduce time-consuming NetOps tasks and processes

We help your Network Automation:

  • Integrated DNS, DHCP and IP Address management
  • Enable zero touch network management and security
  • Open APIs for bridging ecosystem workflows
  • Data-driven automation based on source of truth information
Fill Security Gaps Left by Firewalls and Ips


Fill security gaps left by firewalls and IPS

We help your Network Security:

  • Prevent lateral spread by early detection of attacks and data theft
  • Ensure business continuity with adaptive attack countermeasures
  • Enable zero trust by controlling app access
  • Accelerate SOC remediation with actionable security event data
Illustration of DDI components (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) FHVI Informatique

“We can now manage all of our DHCP and DNS servers via the SOLIDserver DDI interface, which greatly facilitates our day-to-day management. Everything is manageable through a centralized interface that meets our needs and serves as a single source for all of our IP data.”

Philippe Vuagniaux

Infrastructure Project Manager, FHVI

Visual representation of a DDI dashboard showcasing IP address allocation, DNS resolution, and DHCP configuration for efficient network operations. STMicroelectronics

“We plan to apply this integration to other things in the future. It will enable future microsegmentation projects, like network access control. It gives the teams a foundation for working together in the future, not just on security, but for network automation, too.”

Aldo de Luca

Network Security Manager, STMicroelectronics

Visual representation of a DDI Education Manchester Metropolitan University

“Financially, it made sense to go with EfficientIP. Their DDI solution was three times less expensive and more feature-rich.”

Justin Michell

Network Engineer, MMU

Visual representation of a DDI network Fusionnet

“The SOLIDserver DNS has improved subscriber request response rate by over 300%, helping to enhance UX and significantly reduce our customer churn rate.”

Pankaj Nagpal

CTO, Fusionnet

Visual representation of a DDI connection Proximus

“Compared to the competitors, EfficientIP had a winning product, helped by their capability to offer a very simplified architecture made up of a much lower number of servers required, which correlated to enhanced performance and scalability.”

Koen van Cauwenberghe

Solution Engineer, Proximus

The GigaOm Radar report assesses DDI solutions offered, providing IT decision-makers with essential insights for choosing the most suitable option for their specific business needs and use cases.


In today's rapidly changing IT environment, marked by factors such as hybrid and multi-cloud adoption, network modernization, Zero Trust, and SASE strategies to secure work-from-anywhere setups, selecting the optimal DDI solution can be a complex undertaking with significant impact. Navigating this intricate decision involves considering factors like scalable and performant architecture options, DNS/ DHCP multi-vendor management and overlay delivery model, assets discovery across networks and clouds, network data consolidation in a Network Source of Truth, openness to connect the IT ecosystem and drive network automation,, and DNS security capabilities.

IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report: Cyber Threat Intelligence

DNS Security report describes impacts of DNS attacks and offers recommendations for enhancing cyber threat intelligence and zero trust, and protect against ransomware and data theft. 80% of orgs acknowledge that DNS Security is critical.

Enterprise Network Automation: Emerging From the Dark Ages

Enterprise Network Automation remains a challenge, with only 18% of orgs achieving complete success.

DDI at the center of your IT initiatives

For enabling and accelerating your projects, DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, collectively known as DDI Technology, Network Automation and DNS Security services are foundational. SOLIDserver centralizes all information from the IP plan and DNS and DHCP servers into one singular interface and allows you to manage your network services as a distinct entity - ensuring high availability, security, and network consistency.

Key DDI and DNS Security Resources

Discover how EfficientIP's cutting-edge DDI Technology redefine network automation and DNS security. Explore the value they bring to safeguard your network infrastructure.

Idc 2023 Global Dns Threat Report
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IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report
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Enterprise Network Automation: Emerging From the Dark Ages and Reaching Toward NetDevOps
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Ecosystem Integration

EfficientIP has developed open APIs and plugins enabling alliances with industry-leading companies.

Simplify & Secure Your Network

When our goal is to help companies face the challenges of modern infrastructures and digital transformation, actions speak louder than words.

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