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DNS Firewall

Protect Users and Block DNS Malware Activity

DNS Firewall mitigates malware used to steal critical data, interrupt business continuity and damage brand reputation.

DNS Firewall Solution Benefits

91% of malware use DNS services to build attacks which easily circumvent traditional network security systems. DNS Firewall brings dynamic cybersecurity threat intelligence and DNS filtering to identify suspicious activity and prevent malware spread across your network.

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Mitigate DNS Attacks At The Source

Thwart initial infection and phishing - ransomware, virus, spyware etc.

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Automatically Adapt Malware Protection

Threat Intelligence services to keep pace with malicious domains/IPs.

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Proactively Prevent New Attacks

Detect and block malware communication with C&C servers and botnets.

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Provide Advanced Threat Reporting

Combine logging with existing event managers, generate reports using plugins such as Splunk or Graylog.

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Locate Infected Devices On Your Network

NetChange network discovery tool helps fast localization for immediate remediation.

DNS Firewall is embedded in EfficientIP SOLIDserver™ appliances. The product provides a purpose-built and complementary solution to traditional enterprise network security systems, to effectively protect against DNS malware and advanced persistent threats (APT). Its enhanced DNS query filtering capabilities, combined with dynamic threat intelligence feeds, allow for the quick identification of suspicious device activity, preventing malware infection and spread within a network, as well as phishing campaigns and data exfiltration attempts.

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Request A Demo of DNS Firewall

See DNS Firewall in action with a demo of the 360º DNS Security suite.

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The SOLIDserver appliance brings advanced filtering policy management capability, ensuring an up to date list of malicious or forbidden IP addresses, domains, URLs, or name servers. The entire DNS Firewall architecture is automatically updated regardless of the server type (Linux or EfficientIP’s secure DNS appliance) protecting - in a single operation - your organization from malware attacks.

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Assess Your DNS Risk

In order to help you better understand the usage context and behavior of your DNS clients, EfficientIP offers a free assessment involving expert analysis of real DNS traffic.

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