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DDI Solutions for SD-WAN

DDI solutions for SD-WAN improve resiliency, deployment velocity and user experience

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SD-WAN Overview

Adopting SD-WAN can often increase deployment workload, make IP address control difficult, and complexify routing decisions for IP traffic. EfficientIP elevates SD-WAN projects by providing IPAM automation, intelligent Application Traffic Management, and built-in security.

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Fundamental for SD-WAN orchestration, the IPAM repository consolidates on-prem plus cloud data on apps, devices and IP-related information. This ensures IP address plan consistency across all your sites and limits provisioning overheads.

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Repository metadata made available to the SD-WAN ecosystem enables end-to-end automation and zero-touch network operations for significant time savings and error-free configurations. API-first DDI integrates seamlessly with leading orchestrators/configuration managers to bring deployment velocity of sites, apps, and services.

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Key Benefits of Integrated DDI for SD-WAN

SOLIDserver™ complements SD-WAN networks by providing over-the-top connectivity between clients and their applications to make sure your SD-WAN deployment and operations are successful.

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Better Rollout Control of Sites & Services

Orchestration of IP management

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Operational Time Savings

Automate your build/run/retire workflows and processes

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Strengthened Resiliency

Traffic routing which fully leverages SD-WAN network diversity

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Improved UX & Performance

Traffic steering based on QoS criteria

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Streamlined Security

Aligned DNS security policy enforcement

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Simplify & Secure Your Network

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