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DNS Security & DDI Solutions for SecOps

Leading-edge DNS Security and DDI solutions for SecOps using integrations and automation to simplify threat detection, respond, and remediate effectively.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Overcoming Growing Challenges: Why DDI Solutions for SecOps are Fundamental

Security Operations (SecOps) confronts an intricate web of challenges, from the relentless evolution of cyber threats like ransomware, APTs, and zero-day vulnerabilities, to the demand for rigorous compliance in areas of data privacy and zero trust. IT environments complexified by cloud services, IoT devices, and diverse networks are hindering visibility and control, which are key for detection, prevention, and response to security threats. Data overload of security logs is making it hard to extract meaningful insights, leading to alert fatigue. Incident response time is hindered by siloed information from non-integrated security tools, limited automation, and inadequate collaboration between NetOps and SecOps teams. To overcome these challenges, DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, known as DDI solutions for SecOps, emerges as a strategic ally, offering a comprehensive solution to fortify security measures and streamline operations.


Incorporating DDI into your SecOps strategy isn't just a best practice; it's a strategic imperative. EfficientIP DDI solutions for SecOps bring enhanced security posture, comprehensive network visibility, improved network performance and reliability, and efficient response to security incidents involving malicious domains and DNS attacks. EfficientIP DNS Security provides foundational network security for devices, apps and users - on premise and remote - while considerably increasing overall efficiency of security operations. Your organization already uses DNS, so why not leverage built-in DNS Security to elevate your security defenses and move your zero trust journey forward.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Enhance Visibility and Observability driven by Threat Intelligence

DNS essentially “sees everything”, so fills gaps in visibility left by traditional solutions. SecOps teams can elevate their security posture with the advanced capabilities of EfficientIP DDI and DNS Security solutions. Our solutions bring not only asset discovery across multi-faceted networks, but also real-time, comprehensive visibility into your DNS traffic, including clients’ communication with applications and domains with DDI Observability Center. DNS Intelligence Center is ideally suited to delivering contextual DNS insights on domain names and developing threat intelligence powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This enables to build an accurate, up-to-date DNS Threat Intelligence feed providing proactive defense against emerging threats. All of these combined, efficiency of your security teams is maximized, meaning they can now stay ahead of adversaries.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Simplify Threat Detection, Accelerate Remediation

Excessive numbers of alerts result in overwhelmed SOCs. CISOs are able to combat this “alert fatigue” by leveraging DNS Security solutions to simplify threat detection and expedite remediation processes. Uncover actionable insights from a sea of alerts, ensuring that your SecOps team can focus on critical issues without being drowned by false positives. EfficientIP’s DNS Security combines best-of-breed protective DNS capabilities brought by DNS Guardian including advanced patented algorithms with behavioral analysis, AI-Driven engines, and DNS-centric threat intelligence to detect cybersecurity threats such as data exfiltration, phishing, ransomware and DDoS attacks, at the earliest stage. With DNS Intelligence Center, detailed threat context combined with actionable forensic insights and IOCs brings simpler, more accurate security decision-making. You get accelerated response times and streamlined incident response.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

From GDPR to NIS 2, DORA, and many others, SecOps teams today need to handle evolving, ever-more complex security regulations. With EfficientIP DNS Security solutions, you can navigate the labyrinth of compliance and regulatory requirements effortlessly. By strengthening protection of your IT infrastructure, users, apps, and data, our market-leading DNS security helps ensure that your organization adheres to industry standards, providing the necessary tools and processes to meet stringent security and privacy regulations. We help you remain compliant, without compromising your operational efficiency.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Automate and Enforce Security Policies Network-wide

The adoption of remote working allows cyberthreats to infiltrate company networks from anywhere and spread rapidly throughout the IT infrastructure. To limit the risk, SecOps teams need to be empowered by automating and enforcing policies seamlessly, even off-premise. EfficientIP DDI streamlines security policy implementation, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring consistent security measures right across the organization - for on premise, multi-cloud, remote workers… Benefiting from automation, Smart DDI solutions for SecOps bring valuable time-savings for your cybersecurity operations teams, allowing them to focus on maintaining a robust security posture.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Advance Zero Trust with Microsegmentation and App Access Control

For controlling access, authentication solutions and firewalls serve a good purpose, but arrive late in the traffic flow. DNS sees traffic intent very early, so provides a first checkpoint to prevent lateral movement of threats. EfficientIP DNS Security provides highly granular DNS filtering capabilities that let you control “allow-deny” access to vital applications at the individual client level. This targeted protection respects ‘Least Privilege Access’ (LPA) requirements of Zero Trust frameworks, helping minimize the potential impact of security breaches.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

Empower Existing Security Solutions for Holistic Network Security

With organizations today deploying a plethora of solutions to protect their IT infrastructure, SecOps personnel need to forge a cohesive security infrastructure. EfficientIP DNS Security enhances your existing tools, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among different security components to create a holistic defense against cyber threats. Our comprehensive APIs integrate with a broad security ecosystem, including SIEM and SOAR, helping automate threat responses to speed up detection, remediation, and response. Your security analysts can now more easily stay on top of network threats.

Dns Security Ddi Solutions for Secops

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The EfficientIP 360° DNS Security solution offers a specialized layer of in-depth defense to secure your business from both external and internal DNS threats.

The Benefits of EfficientIP Solutions for SecOps

The EfficientIP approach helps SecOps teams strengthen Network security, thanks to the following benefits we bring:

Heightened Security Posture
Simpler Risk Assessment

Pinpoint malicious behavior at a glance with DNS-centric Intelligence to triage incidents

Streamlined Network Management
Faster Threat Mitigation

Share threat data and device details with SIEM/SOC tools to reduce response time

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Extend security policies to multi-cloud and remote workers

Icon chain
Enhanced Compliance Adherence

Strengthen security posture to avoid regulatory fines like GDPR, NIS 2, and DORA

Icon sharing
Empower Existing Security Components

Leverage extensive ecosystem integrations and open APIs to automatically respond to threats

DDI Solutions for STMicroelectronics

“We are moving part of our IT to the cloud, and we needed some extra security threat prevention and data leak prevention”

Aldo de Luca, STMicroelectronics

Network Solutions Services Manager

DDI solutions for Roland Garros

“We knew that DNS was critical, and that it could be a target but also a vector of cyber-attacks. The insider threat is a reality we have to take care of, and be sure we have the best security in place.”

Franck Labat, Roland Garros

Chief Technical Officer

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