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Test Your Protection Against Data Breaches

Identify Vulnerabilities: Expert Assessment of Your DNS Traffic

Easy, Non-Intrusive & Fast Data Exfiltration Test

DNS is rarely monitored and analyzed, and the DNS tunneling activity usually slips under the radar. This makes DNS exfiltration an “easier” option than other means of data theft.
– Duncan Brown, VP European Security, IDC

Your Test Explained:

  • Free of charge
  • 2 mins to understand
  • 1 min to run
  • NO software to install

90% of Malwares use DNS

24% Organizations are victims
of data theft via DNS

What You’ll Receive:

Pre-briefing with your team:
  • Understand your DNS configuration – authoritative & recursive DNS
  • Explanation of the scope and objectives of the test
Data exfiltration test on your DNS servers:
  • Check for security vulnerabilities related to data exfiltration
  • Read-only actions performed, no configuration modifications
  • Carried out using EfficientIP’s specifically-designed toolkit
  • Explanation of test results
  • Identified vulnerabilities
  • Recommended actions & countermeasures

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