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IDC 2023 Threat Survey Findings: DNS Threat Intelligence for Proactive Defense

Based on IDC’s new survey of 1,000 security personnel, 90% of organizations now suffer DNS attacks, each averaging $1.1M in damage costs.

At the same time, DNS offers a way to strengthen network security and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Learn from IDC Security expert Romain Fouchereau and EfficientIP evangelist Chris Buijs:

Survey Findings

IDC’s market view on Key Topics

How DNS-centric Threat Intelligence enables proactive defense

IDC Survey: Why DDI Is an Obvious Starting Point

First the exciting news – most organizations already use DDI or will over the next two years in this context. What about yours? Together with IDC, we’ve been studying the critical importance of Network Automation to deliver business goals. This first IDC Network Automation report shows that 81% of organizations across all verticals say DDI is a key component of any Network Automation Strategy, confirming that DDI needs to be part of every company’s Network Automation journey. Based on topics...

Introduction to SOLIDserver 8.3 & DNS Threat Intelligence Feeds

The rapid evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks combined with more and more devices in a multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure creates additional opportunities for cybercriminals. DNS is actively used in cyberattacks and valuable DNS traffic information is underestimated. Developing DNS threat intelligence can help IT leaders move toward a more holistic and consolidated security infrastructure to increase security, gain agility and resilience, and reduce complexity. Join Chris Buijs, EfficientIP Sr Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist, and learn how the brand-new DNS Threat...

Roundtable: DDI for Supporting Network Best Practices & Initiatives

“You never know how much data you have until you put it all into one place. Having the primary source of truth be the IPAM was eye-opening for us.”

Join the roundtable moderated by EfficientIP, alongside Spiro Mitsialis from current customer McGill University, as well as Frank Sweetser and Benjamin Higgins from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The open and casual session covers the use of DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) within their networks, as well as:

Learn To Protect Your Remote Workers, Cloud Apps and Data: IDC 2021 DNS Threat Report Findings

Top-tier organizations worldwide understand the importance of embracing industry changes in 2021. To help you navigate the post-pandemic world, hear the trends reshaping DNS Security and how to ensure your business is protected from data loss and downtime.

Moderator Kirk Appelman leads an open conversation with IDC analyst Romain Fouchereau and EfficientIP’s Alexandre Chauvin-Hameau, for insights on the 2021 Global DNS Threat Report findings, as well as:

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Why is DDI Critical to Your Network

Business is evolving faster than ever, fueled by the needs of new and innovative data-driven offerings, quick company reorganization and operational efficiency improvements. In this highly competitive context, modern network infrastructures are a cornerstone of key IT initiatives: digital transformation, hybrid cloud, virtualization, SDN, NFV, IPv6, mobility, IoT, and more. Integrated DDI Services can help you to simplify, automate and secure your network. In this webinar you’ll learn more about:

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State of Network Automation Using DDI

Special guest Andrew Lerner reveals Gartner’s view on the state of network automation, followed by an EfficientIP demo of network automation applied to application creation with DDI at its core.

Network and Security Teams (NetSecOps) Collaboration Key to Digital Transformation

According to EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) “NetSecOps: Aligning Networking and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation” report, 75% enterprises have seen an increase of collaboration between Network and Security teams but only 39% are successful doing it. In this webinar presented by Peter Goodwin of EfficientIP, you’ll discover why a successful NetSecOps collaboration is essential for Digital Transformation and that for most organizations, public cloud, work-from-anywhere, data center modernization, and the internet of things are all driving the need for...

How to Combat Data Exfiltration via DNS Security

The most recent IDC Global DNS Threat Report showed the average cost per attack in the last 12 months reaching nearly $924K with an average of 9.5 attacks per company.

Listen to the webinar on demand in English (North American team), and learn how to better secure your DNS and combat data exfiltration.

Accelerate Cloud Services Deployment With DDI Automation

Companies are moving to the cloud, with the expectation that it will bring enhanced agility for service rollout, time and cost savings. The majority focus is on compute and storage, but IP resource provisioning and deprovisioning is often left as an afterthought. Generally, IP addresses are needed for all service components to communicate- not only with each other, but also with their environment. Fast, efficient service rollout needs to rely on automated orchestrator-agnostic DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM). DDI is a foundation for...