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DDI and DNS Security for
Healthcare Network Modernization

DDI Solutions for Healthcare accelerate Digital Transformation, ensure network uptime, safely connect medical devices (IoMT), and protect patient data.

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations worldwide

Where DDI Solutions for Healthcare meet Demands for Network Reliability, Security, and Automation

DDI solutions for healthcare are critical for enhancing patient care, optimizing operational efficiency, and promoting data-driven decision-making. Healthcare organizations driven by digital transformation projects, have increasingly adopted IoT (Internet of Things), IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), AI, telemedicine, multi-cloud, and network automation. But moving from dedicated/legacy networks and technologies introduces many challenges for network management and security. These are accentuated by connected medical devices proliferation, massive data sharing requirements, stricter data privacy regulations, and the rising frequency of sophisticated cyberattacks.


Healthcare network infrastructure needs to be reliable and secure, incorporating High Availability (HA), redundancy, failover, and optimal network performance. The criticality of medical apps, services, and connected devices for patient health demands seamless, always-on operation. For security reasons, IoMT devices have to be controlled with respect to what infrastructure they are allowed to access, and predictive cybersecurity measures must be applied. Lastly, massive amounts of sensitive patient data need to be protected, while at the same time being easily accessible to relevant persons.


EfficientIP solutions empower healthcare organizations with their network modernization. We help you elevate your network visibility, reliability, security, and automation, while reducing your operating costs. For simplifying management of network and IoT, protecting data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and strengthening reliability, SOLIDserver DDI and DNS Security has been implemented by hospitals, clinics and other various healthcare organizations worldwide.

Ddi Solutions for Healthcare
Ddi dns dhcp ipam Solutions for Healthcare

Resilient Networks for Always-On access to Critical Apps, Services, and Data

In healthcare, where timely access to critical information is imperative, DNS ensures seamless connectivity to various systems and services. Medical professionals today need to effortlessly navigate through Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, collaborative platforms, and communication tools using intuitive domain names. DNS makes this possible, streamlining access and fostering efficiency.


SOLIDserver DDI solutions for healthcare ensure that the DNS services keeping doctors, patients, and devices connected to the Internet and the cloud are always accessible. Our high availability solutions guarantee business continuity in the event of infrastructure failure. Our DDI Observability Center simplifies detection and troubleshooting of network anomalies. And to ensure best user experience, our DNS servers incorporate market-leading performance to solve issues around latency, resolution speed and accessibility.

Safeguard Sensitive Patient Data to Meet Regulatory Compliance

Stringent healthcare regulations are the norm nowadays, designed to protect sensitive patient data. They incorporate security access to information stored in universal Electronic Patient Records (EPR). All entities involved in the patient’s care are required to protect medical data which may include X-Rays, vaccination status, maternity records, and pediatric information.


Device proliferation, the increasing network complexity and the increasing processing of patients data for AI and ML processing, are making compliance to regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, HICP, NIST, NIS2, GDPR, and PDPA a daunting challenge for healthcare providers. But with EfficientIP DNS Guardian, you can automatically protect access to patient data by analyzing DNS traffic to detect DNS tunneling or C2C. Healthcare regulations demand robust monitoring of IP address usage to detect unauthorized devices on the network. In this context, our IPAM and DNS Security solution features are a key enabler of compliance, helping you maintain confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

Ddi for Healthcare
Ddi and Dns Security for Healthcare Network Modernization

Protect Against DNS Attacks and Ransomware with DNS Security

Healthcare has always been one of the most targeted industries for cyberattacks like phishing, ransomware, and DDoS. Any downtime costs significant money and endangers public health. Nowadays, hospitals and clinics deliver patient care using telemedicine apps, robotic equipment, and connected machines such as MRI, heart rate monitors, and ventilators. These have significantly increased security risk as they can be used as both an attack target and an attack vector. Any device which becomes infected with malware can be used to exfiltrate patient data, orchestrate ransomware, or rapidly spread infection to all other devices on the network. 85% of malware abuse DNS, so the effect of DNS attacks can be devastating for healthcare systems and hospitals.


The EfficientIP DNS Security solution helps protect healthcare devices, users and apps against data theft, ransomware and other damaging attacks such as DDoS which cause downtime of critical apps and services. Our solution offers effective threat prevention using DNS Threat Pulse complemented by automatic detection and remediation using DNS Guardian. It also counters DNS-based data exfiltration attempts in near real time, and feeds other security components such as SIEMs and SOCs with actionable security event information. Medical organizations can benefit from DNS threat intelligence leveraging AI/ML, application access control, and adaptive countermeasures to avoid shut-down of medical apps and keep critical healthcare infrastructure up and running.

DDI Key Benefits for Healthcare Establishments

The integration of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing and securing healthcare network infrastructure. SOLIDserver DDI ensures seamless connectivity, efficient IP address management, and centralized control over network resources. The results are enhanced operational efficiency, improved security compliance, and uninterrupted access to critical applications.

Bolster Network Resilience

Ensure high availability and performance for uninterrupted access to critical systems, applications and online resources.

Strengthen Network Security

Protect infrastructure and medical devices against threats to prevent breaches and ransomware attacks.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Safeguard patient data to avoid HIPAA fines and reputational damage.

Improve Network Operations Efficiency

Centralized policy-driven deployment and automation for error-free configurations.

Enhance IoT and Telehealth deployment

Simplified management and security policy enforcement of connected devices.

Enable Zero-touch Provisioning of Network Objects

Share accurate, consolidated data with network automation tools

Illustration of DDI components (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) FHV Informatique Logo

“We can now manage all of our DHCP and DNS servers via the SOLIDserver DDI interface, which greatly facilitates our day-to-day management. Everything is manageable through a centralized interface that meets our needs and serves as a single source for all of our IP data.”

Philippe Vuagniaux

Infrastructure Project Manager

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Evaluate our DDI solutions for healthcare to experience our unique benefits for simplifying and securing your network.

Ddi Solutions for Healthcare

Increase Scalability, Deployment Velocity and Security of Connected Devices

The exploding number of IoT devices across healthcare all rely on IP addresses in IPv4 or IPv6 format. Managing IoT devices with manual tasks can overwhelm your network teams, resulting in configuration errors, limited scalability, and security risks. To cope effectively, automation using DNS-DHCP-IP Address Management (DDI) has become crucial. Our DDI solutions for healthcare help organizations across the world optimize the delivery of modern, IP-based health services, from diagnostic equipment to video-assisted medicine. SOLIDserver DDI automation & policy-enforced provisioning/deprovisioning speeds up deployment of IoT projects. It enables seamless scaling to handle increased demand, while eliminating misconfigurations and fortifying network security.


IoT devices provide entry points for cybercriminals, with DNS often used as an attack vector. EfficientIP DNS Security lets you automatically secure all devices and safeguard patient data by leveraging DNS as your first point of detection. Botnet activity can be mitigated for example, by intelligently controlling which apps or infrastructure components each IoT device is allowed to access, accelerating your Zero Trust strategy. SOLIDserver DNS servers support DNSSEC for securing the integrity of all answers. In the case of IoT data security, this can be critical for avoiding data theft breaches.

Simplify Multi-cloud Management for Increased Operational Efficiency

Healthcare infrastructures are ever-evolving, and frequently littered with technical debt. Based on legacy systems and tools, which often contain siloed solutions and manual processes, they are becoming more and more complex. Contributing largely to this are cloud technology, connected devices, remote access, telehealth and shadow IT. At the core of it all are IP Networks, which without suitable technologies have proven to be error-prone and time-consuming to manage.


EfficientIP solutions help healthcare entities around the globe easily control their IP-based services. They allow you to centrally manage, secure and automate multi-vendor components across on premise and multi-cloud. Visibility & observability are enhanced thanks to intelligent discovery of any network objects or devices connected to the network. Using IPAM as the network source of truth (NSoT) for IP data, administrators get a global accurate view. Any IoT device joining is automatically detected by the DHCP service and the IPAM updated accordingly, offering zero touch provisioning as well as protection against shadow IT. Your DNS management processes are streamlined and automated, helping reduce administrative overhead, minimize errors and improve overall operational efficiency. Lastly, based on our NSoT and secure open APIs, accurate, consolidated data can be shared with Network Automation tools for automated network object lifecycle management and deployment of Security policies.

Dns Security for Healthcare

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