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DNS Guardian

Adaptive DNS security to ensure service continuity and data protection

DNS Guardian is a protective DNS service that brings unique DNS security features to overcome the limitations of firewalls and IPS.

DNS Guardian Key Benefits

The most advanced DNS security solution on the market to protect users, apps, and data against attacks such as cache poisoning, DDoS, and data exfiltration.

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Behavioral Threat Detection

Real-time DNS analytics accurately detect the most sophisticated stealth attacks and threats hidden in the traffic.

Enhanced Network Resilience
Unequaled Service Continuity

Even with unidentifiable sources, via adaptive countermeasures (Block, patented quarantine, and recovery modes).

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Predictive Network Security

Detect zero-day malicious domains used by malware to exfiltrate data or communicate with external CnC servers via DNS tunneling.

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Data Confidentiality Protection

Sensitive data protected from exfiltration- assured regulation compliance: GDPR, US Cloud Act, NISD, PDPA...

Heightened Security Posture
Improved App Access Control

Combining DNS Filtering with Allow/Deny lists enables granular control of which users are allowed to access which specific apps.

How to protect against malicious DNS attacks with DNS Guardian Video

In this second educational video in our series on malicious hacking, you will understand how cybercriminals create command and control (C2) channels by abusing DNS. For this situation, legacy security systems which rely on signatures will not protect you. You will then discover how to protect your users and infrastructure against malware and DNS attacks by using DNS Guardian.


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"Prevent the spread of attacks by making DNS your first line of defense."

Romain Fouchereau, IDC

Security Analyst - IDC 2022 Global DNS Threat Report

Signature-based cybersecurity solutions like firewalls, anti-DoS, or IPS are not adapted to efficiently ensure DNS services availability and integrity. They have proved insufficient against most DNS attacks - DNS hijacking, amplification and reflection attacks, and DNS flooding...even worse, present a high risk of blocking legitimate clients (false positives).


Restricted DNS analytics capacity and basic blocking-based countermeasures imply serious network security limitations and risks: Business downtime, data theft, brand damage, and embezzlement of money.


EfficientIP DNS Security solutions provide agility to adapt DNS protection mechanisms to mitigate the risk of false positives while safeguarding data and ensuring DNS service integrity and continuity to legitimate clients.

Picture Infographic of Dns Guardian Transaction Inspection for Dns Security

Request A Demo of DNS Guardian

See DNS Guardian in action with a demo of the 360º DNS Security suite.

Dns Guardian Holistic Threat Intelligence Picture Graph

Almost 100% of network connections are initiated using DNS services. Analyzing DNS traffic to develop internal threat intelligence in the specific context of the enterprise is a key security component of modern network security strategy.


DNS Guardian together with a specialized feed such as DNS Threat Pulse offers a unique capability to detect zero-day malicious domains used by malware to communicate with external CnC servers (DNS tunneling) or exfiltrate data, and DGAs (domain generation algorithms). Identified malicious domains are dynamically shared between DNS Guardian appliances, delivering actionable predictive DNS security. This complements EfficientIP or third party threat intelligence services over domain reputation.

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Test Your Protection Against Data Breaches via DNS

Get quick visibility on your recursive DNS infrastructure’s capability of detecting and preventing data theft with a free assessment of your existing DNS architecture and your protection systems in place.

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