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Free DNS Risk Assessment

Maximize your network security and efficiency by understanding the usage context and
behavior of your DNS clients.


Identify Vulnerabilities: Expert Assessment of Your DNS Traffic

87% of organizations suffer attacks via DNS -IDC 2021 Global DNS Threat Report. Getting an accurate visibility and traffic analysis capacity is key to understanding, preventing and protecting against security threats. In order to help you better understand the usage context and behavior of your DNS clients, EfficientIP offers an expert assessment involving analysis of real DNS traffic.


What You’ll Receive

A detailed assessment report containing:

  • Checks performed & summary of results

  • Details about DNS clients’ behavior / malicious domains identified

  • Recommended actions to improve protection against data theft, security of resources and user experience

Efficientip Risk Assessment Report Snapshot

DNS Risk Assessment Benefits

The efficiency and security of your network depends largely on the integrity, performance and availability of your DNS. Here’s how the assessment will benefit your organization:

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Reveal Security Gaps

Reveal gaps in your current security layer and receive recommendations.

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Identify Threats

Identify threats already on your network, such as malicious domain and DGA domains.

Icon reduce Mitigate
Learn Mitigation Techniques

Discover how to mitigate different types of targeted DNS attacks, like DDoS, tunneling, zero day, and more.

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Identify Anomalies

Identify DNS behavior and anomalies like top requested domains or query requests by type.

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DNS Best Practices

Learn how to improve the functionality and performance of your DNS.

Request Your Free DNS Risk Assessment

Maximize network security and efficiency with a free analysis of your organization’s DNS traffic.

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