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DNS Security

Secure your DNS, secure your network against sophisticated attacks.

DNS Attacks Are Top Priority For Threat Actors

DNS is mission-critical, allowing dynamic access for anyone to any app on any network. If DNS servers go down you can no longer reach any of your vital apps or services. Because of this importance, DNS servers have become a prime target and entry point for hackers and data exfiltration. Organizations and businesses should be making enterprise network security a top priority.


Traditional network security solutions such as anti-DoS, next generation firewalls, or IPS have proven to be ineffective when it comes to DNS protection. They offer incomplete coverage of the DNS threat landscape, especially weak signal attacks and exploits, and are unable to effectively handle high volume DNS DDoS attacks. Behavioral threat detection is not provided, resulting in an unacceptable high number of false positives, and the countermeasures the solutions offer are very basic, often leading to system downtime. Lastly, and very importantly in today’s highly-regulated environments, they are incapable of detecting data exfiltration attempts or DNS tunneling in a timely manner.

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Purpose-Built DNS Security Solution to Protect Organizations

The EfficientIP 360° DNS Security solution offers a specialized layer of in-depth defense to secure your business from both external and internal DNS threats. It helps:

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Protect customer data and intellectual property against exfiltration
  • Preserve your brand reputation and customer trust
  • Reduce TCO and deliver fast ROI
  • Prevent threats spreading, by feeding DNS threat intelligence to the network ecosystem

Contact A DNS Security Expert

Talk with a DNS security specialist to exchange on your project or ask questions.

DNS Security Solution Key Benefits

EfficientIP offers powerful, cost effective DNS security solutions to protect your network and simplify remediation for SOCs.

Enforce Security at Client Level

DNS filtering & countermeasures based on client behavior

Unique Attack Detection Capability

Behavioral attack detection combined with DNS Threat Intelligence on domain reputation offer unequaled end-to-end capabilities to identify advanced DNS attacks from the source to the destination of requests.

Adaptive Security for Service Continuity

Patented innovations ensure adapted defense and secure DNS service continuity, even in cases of unidentifiable attack source.

Simple to Deploy & Cost Effective

Intuitive interface, policy-driven deployment and adaptive DNS security ensure effortless and straightforward configurations.

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Easy Integration Within Network Security Ecosystem

Rich Plug-in library and flexible APIs to simplify network defense deployment and security response automation.

EfficientIP 360 DNS security solution

EfficientIP network protection solutions fill DNS security gaps left by traditional network security systems. Our 360° DNS Security provides a holistic approach to protect public and private DNS infrastructures, regardless of the attack type. Unique in the market, patented innovations ensure an unmatched level of DNS security to protect your mission-critical services.


The 360° DNS Security solution consists of five products, which work together (or as standalone offerings) for a more reliable and secure network. Click to learn more about SOLIDserver™, DNS Threat Pulse, DNS Firewall, DNS Guardian including DNS Client Query Filtering, and DNS Blast.

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Assess Your DNS Risk

In order to help you better understand the usage context and behavior of your DNS clients, EfficientIP offers a free assessment involving expert analysis of real DNS traffic.

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