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Optimize Application Delivery Performance From the Edge

DNS Global Server Load Balancing helps solve multi-site challenges related to app availability, management complexity and poor UX.

Edge DNS GSLB Solution Key Benefits

Complementing load balancers and ADCs with a Global Server Load Balancing DNS deployed at the edge for intelligent application traffic management brings value to app delivery performance, resilience and cost optimization.

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Reduce Capex and Opex

DNS and GSLB functionality are combined on the same server.

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Ensure Application Availability

Constant health checking ensures users are routed to an available application.

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Guarantee Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Comprehensive failure detection and automatic cross-site failover for disaster recovery (DRP).

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Simplify Deployment of Multi-Region Datacenters

Native geolocalization of users removes requirement for complex network topology mapping.

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Improve User Experience

Load balancing decisions at the edge, close to users, based on Application response times.

Learn how to improve disaster recovery planning with DNS GSLB Video

Explore our cutting-edge solution designed to fortify disaster recovery plans within your company! Introducing DNS GSLB, a game-changer to optimize your business resilience:

  1. Elevate Application Availability
  2. Boost Performance
  3. Simplify Deployment
  4. Enhance Datacenter Agility

While application data controllers (ADC) are capable of distributing application traffic towards servers within the data center, a global server load balancing (GSLB) solution enhances this to cover multi-data center strategies.

Digital transformation, distributed applications, mobility, and hybrid cloud topology are creating a challenging IT landscape. To ensure business continuity and meet user experience expectations, it’s important to prioritize availability, performance and latency, particularly in the context of application access. Standard GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) solutions help control routing of application traffic, but function only on authoritative DNS servers located within the datacenter so have flaws:

  1. Deployment can be extremely difficult in multi-site environments.
  2. App response time calculations are inaccurate.
  3. Latency is increased for DNS resolutions.

To overcome conventional GSLB issues, EfficientIP offers edge GSLB - the world’s first DNS with smart robust GSLB functionality built into recursive servers.

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Enhance Application Availability with GSLB Strategies - Introducing Edge DNS GSLB Video

Understand the power of performance optimization with our insightful video. Dive into the intricacies of how DNS GSLB simplifies and elevates traffic load-balancing directly from the network edge. This comprehensive guide explores the strategic deployment of GSLB, taking into account geographical distribution and resource availability.

As it can be deployed on remote sites, edge GSLB offers best resiliency and largest coverage of failure detection including datacenter failure, WAN failure and server failure. Disaster recovery and business continuity are guaranteed due to automatic or manual failover. Edge GSLB offers greater deployment simplicity for traffic routing management in multi-regional data center and multi-cloud environments.

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See firsthand how to strengthen resilience and enhance your app delivery performance with Edge DNS GSLB

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