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DDI Observability Center

Cloud-based Visualization of Analytics Across any DDI Architecture

DDI Observability Center offers NOCs enhanced visibility for optimizing network operations, performance, service continuity, and UX.

DDI Observability Center (DDI OC) Key Benefits

DDI Observability Center is a cloud-based portal offering consolidated near-real-time visibility over state and performance of DDI architectures.

Enhanced Visibility over Traffic Intent
Improved Visibility Enterprise-Wide

Insightful, actionable, and reliable analytics on DDI Infrastructure health, DNS traffic, and performance.

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Proactive Monitoring

Early identification of issues like latency or service interruption, tracking metrics through interactive dashboards.

Threat Intelligence Notes
Efficient Troubleshooting of Network Anomalies

Qualitative DNS and DDI telemetry to accelerate in-depth investigation, RCA, and decision-making process.

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Network Performance Optimization

Quickly identify and resolve DDI service performance and configuration issues, to improve UX and mitigate risks of outages.

Threat Intelligence Cost
Optimized Costs

Resource, time, and cost savings due to improved operational efficiency, capacity management, and performance.

DDI Observability Center Overview Video

Introducing the EfficientIP DDI Observability Center, a unified cloud-based portal that brings you DDI telemetry and analytics, providing insightful, actionable, and reliable information. This enterprise-grade cloud platform allows you to improve visibility, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize network performance effortlessly. With features like normal activity baseline, DNS query analysis, visual timelines, and trend identification, you can easily monitor DNS performance and DDI state.

IDC 2023 Global Network Automation Report

“The visibility of actionable network and security data can improve incident remediation, observability and monitoring, experience, and productivity.”

Romain Fouchereau, IDC

Research Manager - IDC 2023 Global Network Automation Report

Networks have expanded in size and complexity, spanning device and app proliferation, IoT, and multi cloud. Without comprehensive visibility into network activity, managing, operating, and protecting networks to ensure business resilience becomes challenging. To understand where and why network issues are occurring, you need insights into your DDI infrastructure and related traffic.


EfficientIP’s DDI Observability Center (DDI OC) is a cloud-based visualization service offering end-to-end, comprehensive observability to overcome network operational inefficiencies and reduce risks of outages. It brings insightful, actionable, and reliable telemetry and analytics across any DDI architecture to your Networking, NOC or SOC teams, enabling them to:

  1. Monitor the DNS service, DDI health & performance in near real-time, allowing quick identification of anomalies
  2. Simplify troubleshooting, determine root cause and respond effectively, to optimize network operations and performance for enhanced service continuity and UX
Ddi Oc Main Principe

DDI Observability Center Demo Video

Check out the demo for EfficientIP DDI Observability Center. We'll show you how Cloud-based visualization of DDI telemetry and analytics across any DDI architecture is now possible thanks to the DDI Observability Center. It offers NOCs enhanced visibility for optimizing network operations, performance, service continuity, and UX.

Analysis performed by operational teams can be time-consuming, with no guarantee of the outcome. For taking the best decisions, they require extensive visibility and actionable insights about network activity.


DDI OC gives your teams the insights they need to make intelligent data-driven decisions, resulting in time and resource savings. It brings instant unified visualization of DNS traffic, DDI server health, and service performance across your entire architecture, or focusing on an individual server. Simple, pre-built dashboards allow you to easily search, filter, and browse historical DDI and DNS telemetry and more.

Ddi Oc Dashboards

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