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Enabling end-to-end IT automation with easy ecosystem integration.

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Overcoming Slow, Manual, Error-Prone Tasks

IT systems require extra interconnection between components to provision new services and environments in a reproducible manner. Infrastructure components are mandatory for supporting applications and are expected to be available and scalable. SOLIDserver DDI inherently brings the capability to automate internal functions between the IPAM repository and services functions like DNS and DHCP. Interfacing SOLIDserver to orchestration or automation systems provides IT with the foundation of IP networking from addressing to global load balancing.


The full SOLIDserver IPAM API stack enables linking with the entire infrastructure and application management ecosystem, bringing greater efficiency and control while enhancing team collaboration between DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps teams.

SOLIDserver’s internal engine is based on a standard service oriented architecture allowing full decoupling of any atomic actions. All actions are exposed at various levels of the engine allowing easy network automation, user interaction and API management. Even if all configuration actions can be performed from the web interface, automation requires a more simple and easy to manipulate interface.


SOLIDserver proposes both SOAP API and REST API interfaces to allow integration with most engines and development languages. SOAP interface is fully described through either a global WSDL description format or purpose built one through the web interface. The REST API is more used nowadays than SOAP on open integration, all services are also available through REST calls.

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Most of the API functions that manipulate DDI objects can use advanced class parameters to associate specific metadata to the object. This bridges the gap between automated functions performed in orchestration systems and the user interface on which operators will perform specific administration actions. It can also help other usages such as conformity checks, security controls, auditing or costing, and invoicing.


Any metadata can be used as a search key in searching and listing operations, easing the link between objects in the real world and the IPAM, and simplifying the development of network automation. The very powerful inheritance feature takes the metadata set to a higher level, with the ability to propagate down the object hierarchy, supercharge the value or even stop the propagation. Since the IPAM contains the IP golden records, adding actionable metadata by making use of the API is important and easy with the API.

The IPAM is considered as the IP Source of Truth, it can be managed through API but also through manual actions directly in the graphical management interface. To inform the IT ecosystem of any change to start an automation process, SOLIDserver pushes qualified events to it.


Using either: a) a standard webhook mechanism based on HTTP call to a normalized endpoint, or b) an enterprise service bus, the event forwarding engine allows to automatically inform any ecosystem environment. All user-performed actions can be considered as triggers and used to dynamically push the notification outside the SOLIDserver. By using a rich filtering feature, it’s possible to send specific events to other applications - for example to inform a firewall solution about the creation of a new network, or to inform a SIEM application about any deletion in the IPAM.


Event forwarding allows automation with minimal coding, and eases ecosystem usage of the DDI rich data set with automatic notification of json, plain text or xml contents.

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Accelerate Service Deployment by Automating the Last Mile with DDI Video

Overcome the complexities of digital transformation by simplifying and accelerating rollout of new services thanks to DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM)! In an era of dynamic IT initiatives, including SDN and multi-cloud strategies, managing infrastructure and applications has become increasingly intricate. This complexity often leads to issues such as lack of visibility, misconfigurations, and service downtime.

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SOLIDserver API Key Benefits

For enabling end-to-end automation, SOLIDserver APIs bring many benefits.

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Complete DDI Functions Access

REST and SOAP API access to the complete set of DDI functions to cover any integration need.

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Advanced Integration Plugins

API can be accessed directly in your programming language or through more advanced plugin solutions like python or Terraform.

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Powerful Metadata Manipulation

Exposure of all class parameters and custom database through API calls.

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Enhanced Search and Filtering

API efficiency on large DDI databases with easy filtering and controlled searching capabilities.

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Strengthened API Access Security

Rich rights management and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) applied to API calls for controlled exposition level.

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