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The Gorilla Guide to Network Automation

Leveraging real customer use cases, the 2023 Gorilla Guide to Network Automation offers guidelines for moving your automation journey forward. You’ll learn why a DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution with built-in source of truth and open APIs is fundamental for success.

For provisioning, managing and securing network devices and infrastructure, human intervention is both time-consuming and error-prone. IT teams are therefore increasingly turning to network automation.

What many companies now require is help for moving their automation forward. An important step on this path is the incorporation of DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM).

Real case studies outlined in this guide show how organizations are achieving business objectives around cost reductions, operational efficiency, and resilience, by utilizing DDI solutions. 

Gorilla Guide 2023 for Network Automation

Download the Gorilla Guide to Network Automation and gain insights on:

  • Roadmap for a successful automation journey
  • Benefits seen when DDI is utilized as a true Network Automation Hub
  • Network Automation real-world examples

“Network Automation is now a no-brainer and embraced by a growing number of enterprises as an enabler of their business transformation. So, the question is no longer why, but how to make it happen. This is where DDI with built-in NSoT and Open APIs capability brings a significant advantage as a true Network Automation Hub to use efficiently at every stage of network automation tasks and activities.”

Jean-Yves Bisiaux, CTO, EfficientIP

​​Intelligent automation is front and center of modernized enterprise technology solutions. Yet, on average, 75% of organizations are only at the beginning of their network automation journey. While full automation maturity might not be a necessity for every organization, setting up a network automation hub can bolster operational efficiency, cost savings, network resilience, security, and adherence to regulations.

While there are multiple automation tools that can benefit most enterprises, DDI (DNS-DHCP-IP Address Management) emerges at the top of the list for most organizations according to a recent IDC survey. DDI has been a cornerstone in networking and is essential for establishing a network Source of Truth (NSoT) that underpins successful automation. The IDC survey discovered that DDI yielded these insights: 

  • 58% of organizations have already implemented DDI, with 88% indicating its rising importance over the next two years
  • 94% observed a boost in operational efficiency, reduced human error, and quicker issue resolution (MTTR)
  • 93% reported a decrease in operating costs, and 95% witnessed expedited service deployments

In the Gorilla Guide to Network Automation, we’ll provide strategies to hasten your journey towards maturity. Additionally, we’ll offer a roadmap to guarantee the successful execution of your automation initiatives, highlighting the integral role of DDI in the process.

You’ll learn how DDI solution providers such as EfficientIP are unlocking value by interconnecting IT system tools and ecosystems to enable end-to-end lifecycle management of networking operations.