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Application Traffic Management

Join us at Cisco Live Melbourne 2023

This year again, we are delighted to be joining the Cisco Live event in Melbourne on booth B06. After very successful events in Amsterdam and Las Vegas earlier this year, the EfficientIP team is happy to participate again to the Cisco Live Melbourne event on 5-8 December on booth B06 Come and visit us during Cisco Live Melbourne event to learn and experience the full power of a DDI (DNS-DHCP & IP Address Management) automation solution and how it can...


A long time ago, when the internet was far smaller, IP addresses were used to reach services. The introduction of qualified names for the services has simplified usage, particularly when it comes to browsers. DNS has been created to manage the hierarchy of names and fully qualified domain names which appear on the web to name all the services. We still use today the base principles defined at the early stage of the Internet. Destination DNS is used quite often,...

Edge DNS GSLB Use Cases

As explained in our solution paper “Edge DNS GSLB: Complement Your Load Balancing and Multi-Cloud Strategy”, the EfficientIP Edge DNS GSLB solution brings valuable enhancements to user experience, multi-site resiliency, disaster recovery planning, and datacenter scalability and agility. As a reminder, Edge DNS GSLB brings a simple and efficient way to load balance traffic, taking into account geographical dispersion and resource availability. It enables application traffic routing decisions to be taken from the edge of the network, close to where...


SD-WAN has become the mainstream underlying network deployment scheme today within the SASE/SDSA frameworks. The principle of SD-WAN is to build networks around the Internet using MPLS and wireless networks (e.g. 4G/5G, Satellite Constellations) for diversity. There are obvious advantages using the Internet but it also brings new challenges. Routing now happens between Internet sites requiring an overlay network and making IP address control difficult. Multiple paths between sites complexifies routing of IP traffic, and SD-WAN brings little improvement regarding...

Improving App Access Control with DNS Client Query Filtering

Access control to applications can be performed at multiple levels in accordance with the security policies in place within the organization. For most, the main level in place nowadays is Authentication and Authorization at the application level through credentials meaning that normally no application is accessible without user screening. But is that really enough? Can a user with no access to an application get access to the login page? If self registration is not an option for this application, which...

EfficientIP Company Overview

As one of the world’s fastest growing DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) vendors, EfficientIP helps organizations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures.

We deliver a unified management framework for DDI and network configurations, providing end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation across networks and cloud landscapes- public, private and hybrid.

We empower organizations to overcome the challenge of IT orchestration with flexible, scalable and open technologies, enabling easy and fast integration for end-to-end management process automation.

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Simplify & Secure Your Network

When our goal is to help companies face the challenges of modern infrastructures and digital transformation, actions speak louder than words.

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