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Network & Cloud Automation

Achieving Multicloud Operational Excellence: The Key Role of DDI

Multicloud adoption is driven by the desire for greater agility, enhanced resilience, and improved cost-efficiency in IT operations.  However, it also introduces significant complexities in network operations, demanding robust solutions to efficiently deploy, manage, and secure disparate cloud services. Against this challenge, DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM), known collectively as DDI solutions, provide the essential foundation for effective multicloud management, offering centralized control, enhanced visibility, and streamlined automation across diverse cloud ecosystems. By ensuring consistent and reliable network...

Cisco Live! Las Vegas 2024

We are thrilled to be back at Cisco Live Las Vegas this year again. After an amazing event in Amsterdam earlier in 2024, we are excited to get back to the United States for the event in Las Vegas on June 2-6 2024 at booth 3527. Come and join us to check out how you can simplify your network management and improve your network security with EfficientIP’s DDI solution. We will be doing live demos on our latest product innovations:...

Join us at Networkshop 2024

We are delighted to return to Networkshop event in Nottingham at booth 10. EfficientIP is happy to be back this year again at NetworkShop in Nottingham, United Kingdom on June 18-19 on stand 10! Our team will be on-site to discuss and demo our unique network automation and security solutions for DNS-DHCP-IPAM and how you can empower network automation and security with core DDI services. If you’re a network manager or in a similar technical networking role in research or...

Enterprise Network Automation: Emerging From the Dark Ages and Reaching Toward NetDevOps

Enterprise Network Automation remains a challenge, with only 18% of orgs achieving complete success. This EMA study explores strategies, drivers, and key requirements like NSoT and network validation, aiming to guide organizations in building successful automation roadmaps. For most enterprise IT organizations, network automation remains an unsolved problem. Tools aimed at reducing manual management of networks have produced mixed results, leading to only 18% of organizations today stating they have a completely successful network automation strategy. The EMA study, based...

Join us at Infosecurity Europe 2024

EfficientIP is happy to be back this year again at Infosecurity Europe in London on June 4-6 on stand B48! Infosecurity Europe is a leading event to bring together vendors and service providers to showcase the latest technologies and solutions. You’ll get to experience our latest innovations and test our solutions,and make properly informed product choices that ensure ROI. Come and visit us during Infosecurity Europe event to learn and experience the full power of a DDI (DNS-DHCP & IP...

Why DDI Observability is Critical to Full-stack Observability

Today’s IT infrastructures are characterized by a surge in multi-cloud adoption, a proliferation of IoT devices, and an exponential increase in data generation. The resulting network complexity caused by these trends brings challenges for network management and cybersecurity, notably in the realms of limited visibility, data overload, and the escalating severity of cyber threats, particularly DNS-based attacks. Central to addressing these challenges is the concept of observability, which offers IT teams a comprehensive view that is crucial for proactive network...

EfficientIP DDI Observability Center Overview

Introducing the EfficientIP DDI Observability Center, a unified cloud-based portal that brings you DDI telemetry and analytics, providing insightful, actionable, and reliable information. This enterprise-grade cloud platform allows you to improve visibility, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize network performance effortlessly. With features like normal activity baseline, DNS query analysis, visual timelines, and trend identification, you can easily monitor DNS performance and DDI state.  Pinpoint anomalies with precision and troubleshoot efficiently. The DDI Observability Center centralizes network information, enabling you to...

EfficientIP DDI Observability Center Demo

Check out the demo for EfficientIP DDI Observability Center. We’ll show you how Cloud-based visualization of DDI telemetry and analytics across any DDI architecture is now possible thanks to the DDI Observability Center. It offers NOCs enhanced visibility for optimizing network operations, performance, service continuity, and UX.

DDI Observability Center Key Benefits:

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Join us at IT & Cybersecurity Meetings 2024

We are delighted to return to the IT & Cybersecurity Meetings in Cannes at booth B01. Come and meet EfficientIP during the IT & Cybersecurity Meetings in Cannes on 19th-21th March 2024 on stand B01 to learn and experience the full power of a DDI (DNS-DHCP & IP Address Management) automation solution and how it can simplify your network management and infrastructure and improve your network security!  IT & Cybersecurity Meetings is a leading French business trade show dedicated to IT & IT...

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