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Tufin Integration

Managing security of IT is challenging; moves to cloud and zero trust increase complexity by adding new devices and configuration processes through automation. Users are more mobile, application deployment more frequent, hybrid cloud present in most enterprisesand threats even stronger. Tufin proposes a complete solution to manage security policiesembedded in various equipment. Each security policy needs to be converted into technical configuration on security devices with strict accuracy. In order to handle this complexity and improve quality onthe control side,...

DNS Global Server Load Balancing

DNS service is a master piece for enabling communication between IP devices and applications. It enables technical translation of host and domain names to IP addresses, thus is at the core of any IP conversation between nodes and applications. Digital transformation is modifying the landscape with distributed applications, users are becoming more mobile, and datacenters are evolving towards hybrid clouds topology. So to ensure business continuity and meet user experience expectations in this challenging context, it’s important to prioritize application...

Techniques to Protect Against Data Breaches via DNS

Data exfiltration can be extremely difficult to detect as it often closely resembles typical network traffic. Substantial data loss incidents therefore only become noticed long after data exfiltration has already been achieved. DNS has been found to be one of the most discrete options for cyber criminals to carry out data theft1. The potential consequences of data exfiltration can be disastrous. They include: The aim of this paper is to describe how EfficientIP’s innovative solutions can be used to effectively...

Enhanced DNS Infrastructure Security

DNS servers deliver critical services to your company, such as internet accessibility for your customers, partners and employees as well as access to network applications and other indispensable services such as email, CRM, VoIP, services in the Cloud… As a consequence of their fundamental role in the Information Technology infrastructure, DNS servers are visible and vulnerable to everyone. They are playing a dual role in the “kill-chain”, as a threat vector and as a favorite target. DNS attacks are more...

Zero Trust Security

Mixing workers on every kind of network and applications hosted in any kind of cloud requires a rethink of how the security policies are enforced. The Zero Trust approach proposes to rely on an «allow» model rather than on the standard «deny» one where users were traditionally trusted based on their location, inside considered generally as safe. In order to be able to apply this promising model it is necessary to rely on valuable and accurate data and deploy intelligent...

DNS Security: A Real Call To Action For CIOs

In the modern landscape of network management and security, DNS security stands out as a paramount concern, serving as a true call to action for Chief Information Officers (CIOs). The Domain Name System (DNS) forms the backbone of the internet, making it a prime target for cyber threats. CIOs are now tasked with the critical responsibility of safeguarding their organization’s digital assets and ensuring the continuous availability and integrity of their network. In this context, our DNS security solutions provide...

Why Traditional Security Solutions Are Not Adapted to Protect DNS

It’s Time To Look For New Ways To Mitigate DNS Attacks

Today, there are several methods to protect against attacks on the DNS. One method is to filter the DNS queries to eliminate illegitimate queries and support legitimate traffic. However, current solutions are not powerful enough to receive and carefully analyze all requests that are sent, which can create dangerous side effects on the DNS service.

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