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COVID-19 Update

Continuity of Service Plan for EfficientIP Support

At EfficientIP, we are committed to providing world-class support to our clients and partners- it’s in our DNA. Taking into consideration the constantly evolving situation around COVID-19, we’d like to bring to your attention that we have taken measures to adapt to this exceptional situation, with the key objective of delivering the same ongoing level of support to all EfficientIP customers.


First of all, we want to let you know that our support operations have been reorganized according to our “Continuity of Service Plan”.  The main purpose of this plan is to reshape our support organization when facing critical situations such as the one we are living now. It covers several key items, including the way we serve our clients and our partners by region, by technology and by ticket severity. We have of course tested this plan to ensure we meet your support expectations, while at the same time conforming to security regulations. Be sure that we are committed to providing you the best support during these uncertain times.
SLA’s and equipment maintenance operations, such as RMAs or on-site repairs, could potentially be degraded depending on constraints such as restrictions on travel or access imposed by the regulatory bodies of the countries concerned.


We are committed to respecting software SLA’s on the most critical support incidents including P1 (Urgent), P2 (High) and P3 (Normal), as well as any Block, Crash or Major issues. However, treatment of Minor severity issues may potentially be affected.


Please prioritize any communication with EfficientIP via our ticket management portal , in order to optimize management of incidents, as phone assistance may be affected by the Continuity of Service Plan. Our teams are on duty and working hard to ensure you receive the high-quality service you deserve as an EfficientIP customer. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support teamfor any help concerning your EfficientIP equipment.


Thank you for your understanding and for your confidence in EfficientIP!


Norman Girard, CEO