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Achieving Multicloud Operational Excellence: The Key Role of DDI

Multicloud adoption is driven by the desire for greater agility, enhanced resilience, and improved cost-efficiency in IT operations.  However, it also introduces significant complexities in network operations, demanding robust solutions to efficiently deploy, manage, and secure disparate cloud services. Against this challenge, DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM), known collectively as DDI solutions, provide the essential foundation for effective multicloud management, offering centralized control, enhanced visibility, and streamlined automation across diverse cloud ecosystems. By ensuring consistent and reliable network...

Why DDI Observability is Critical to Full-stack Observability

Today’s IT infrastructures are characterized by a surge in multi-cloud adoption, a proliferation of IoT devices, and an exponential increase in data generation. The resulting network complexity caused by these trends brings challenges for network management and cybersecurity, notably in the realms of limited visibility, data overload, and the escalating severity of cyber threats, particularly DNS-based attacks. Central to addressing these challenges is the concept of observability, which offers IT teams a comprehensive view that is crucial for proactive network...

Enhancing Threat Intelligence Services for Holistic Network Security

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, effectively managing cybersecurity within a company’s IT infrastructure poses a formidable challenge. The escalating complexity of networks, coupled with the proliferation and diversification of cyber threats, presents a daunting obstacle for security managers striving to detect suspicious activities. It is imperative for companies to proactively stay abreast of the evolving threat landscape by incorporating high-quality cyber threat intelligence into their comprehensive network security strategy. Access our insightful white paper to gain valuable insights into: Stay...

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After some of the most disruptive times in recent history, organizations need to focus on reigniting their business. Being able to demonstrate business value through the adoption of new technology and IT initiatives such as multicloud, SD-WAN, automation, and network security will be a key differentiator. This can be done by leveraging DDI- DNS, DHCP, and IPAM- solutions for direct measurable business outcomes.

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Why Traditional Security Solutions Are Not Adapted to Protect DNS

It’s Time To Look For New Ways To Mitigate DNS Attacks

Today, there are several methods to protect against attacks on the DNS. One method is to filter the DNS queries to eliminate illegitimate queries and support legitimate traffic. However, current solutions are not powerful enough to receive and carefully analyze all requests that are sent, which can create dangerous side effects on the DNS service.

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The Tolly Group DDI ROI Report

The modern business atmosphere is changing rapidly, with new companies entering the landscape every day to compete for market share and increased ROI. But one thing is true for all of them- their networks must balance agility, seamless connectivity, 24×7 uptime, security, and cost savings. Measuring return on investment is key to implementing the right infrastructure technology to scale and grow. Using data from 3 customers, this analyst report from The Tolly Group explores the state of customers’ networks before...

The Insider Threat: Secure Your DNS, Secure Your Business

Cyber criminality is a big business, targeting individual, small and large organizations, and generating millions of dollars in revenue. The number of attacks is constantly increasing year after year, and the threat landscape is quickly evolving. With more than 50 million new malware in 2014, BYOD adaption and the dramatic growth of social media as an attack vector, malware is an increasing insider threat for all companies. The mere opening of a single pdf file or a video leaves victims...

Telco/ISP: High Performance DNS Infrastructures In 3 Case Studies

Internet traffic is growing everyday, due to the rapid increase of mobile applications, mass video use, IoT, and cloud services. To remain competitive, companies in the telecom sector must meet this demand by guaranteeing the availability, performance and security of critical services such as the DNS. Unfortunately, there is one drawback: traditional DNS architecture has reached its limit. Based on real situations, this document illustrates how SOLIDserver™ from EfficientIP meets the challenges of performance, security, simplicity and reduction of costs, in...

Supporting a New Era in Retailing

Managing and Protecting Core Network Services Through Transformation

IP devices, applications and systems are transforming the modern retail organization, unlocking new possibilities for consumer interaction, data analysis and automation across the value chain. At the same time, the speed of change around technology use in the sector is bringing new challenges to network management.

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Mitigating DNS Zero-Day Exploits With Hybrid Architecture

Strengthening The DNS Infrastructure Your network is vulnerable to cyber attacks in ways you likely have not heard of, or ever even imagined. The possibilities offered by a successful takeover of DNS servers are tremendous, allowing for traffic redirection, malware control or simply arbitrary service outages. As a result, DNS security must be made a top priority among IT professionals, shedding a light on a more secure approach to protecting the protocol- a hybrid approach. This paper describes hybridization and...

Is Microsoft’s DDI Good Enough?

IP addresses are the basis for all corporate infrastructures, and security must play an integral part. Understanding what elements are on the network, how these devices are communicating, and who is using them is the key to understanding and preventing unwanted activity. Like many free applications, Microsoft’s 2012 IP Address Management lacks flexibility, scalability and integration capabilities. Microsoft Server 2012 cannot guarantee the levels of availability, security and control required in corporate infrastructures involved in cloud, BYOD, mobility, big data…especially...