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IDC 2023 Global Network Automation Report

Accelerate Value Creation, Operational Efficiency, and Cost Reduction with Network Automation

Key business drivers for automation

Top technical inhibitors

Maturity Levels of organizations across regions and industries

Main benefits achieved so far

Recommendations for moving automation journeys forward

Level up Your Network Automation Strategy with DDI

The uncertain economic outlook is forcing organizations to adopt new strategies to achieve greater cost savings and improve efficiency across their operations. Network Automation is at the forefront of tackling this. It enables IT teams to gain the flexibility and agility required for today’s business needs.

But full automation of network processes across the board will not happen overnight. So enterprises need to start small and reiterate with first quick wins.

For that, DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) with built-in Network Source of Truth (NSoT) brings significant advantages, as recognized by 80% of organizations. DDI acts as a true Network Automation Hub for any network automation task and activity.

Read the detailed report from IDC analysts to learn how Network Automation can help your company increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate value creation.