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IDC 2023 Threat Survey Findings: DNS Threat Intelligence for Proactive Defense

Based on IDC’s new survey of 1,000 security personnel, 90% of organizations now suffer DNS attacks, each averaging $1.1M in damage costs.

At the same time, DNS offers a way to strengthen network security and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Learn from IDC Security expert Romain Fouchereau and EfficientIP evangelist Chris Buijs:

Survey Findings

  • Key attack types, impacts, and trends
  • State of defenses
  • The role of DNS in the security ecosystem

IDC’s market view on Key Topics

  • Ransomware
  • Zero Trust
  • Threat Intelligence

How DNS-centric Threat Intelligence enables proactive defense

  • DNS Threat Intelligence feeds
  • Intelligent observability via DNS traffic monitoring and analysis
  • The value of actionable DNS data for the security ecosystem