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IDC Survey: Why DDI Is an Obvious Starting Point

First the exciting news – most organizations already use DDI or will over the next two years in this context. What about yours?

Together with IDC, we’ve been studying the critical importance of Network Automation to deliver business goals. This first IDC Network Automation report shows that 81% of organizations across all verticals say DDI is a key component of any Network Automation Strategy, confirming that DDI needs to be part of every company’s Network Automation journey.

Based on topics from the report, we’ll provide in this webinar more insight into common issues and solutions, including:

  • Network Automation Common Challenges
  • What Solutions have been implemented to overcome them
  • How to Start and the Network Automation Roadmap for a successful journey
  • How to assess your company with the Network Automation Maturity Index
  • Trends regarding where it is used
  • The importance of DDI, APIs, and NSoT
  • Concluding with Final Recommendations

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