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Introduction to SOLIDserver 8.3 & DNS Threat Intelligence Feeds

The rapid evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks combined with more and more devices in a multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure creates additional opportunities for cybercriminals.

DNS is actively used in cyberattacks and valuable DNS traffic information is underestimated. Developing DNS threat intelligence can help IT leaders move toward a more holistic and consolidated security infrastructure to increase security, gain agility and resilience, and reduce complexity.

Join Chris Buijs, EfficientIP Sr Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist, and learn how the brand-new DNS Threat Intelligence Feed product and SOLIDserver 8.3 release address this need to improve detection, prevention, and protection against cyber threats.

  • Introduce NEW DNS Threat Intelligence Feed Product
  • Quick overview on the new 8.3 features
  • Benefits and related use cases.