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Join us at Cybersecurity World Madrid, 30 & 31 October 2023

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September 22, 2023 |

Cybersecurity World Madrid

Join the EfficientIP team during CyberSecurity World at IFEMA Madrid on 30th and 31th October.

According to the new 2023 IDC Threat Report, 90% of organizations each suffer 7.5 DNS attacks per year, at a damage cost of $1.1M per attack. At the same time, DNS offers a way to strengthen network security and move to proactive defense. DNS data and tools can be leveraged to augment cyber threat intelligence, move Zero Trust strategies forward, elevate detection of ransomware and data theft, and increase SOC efficiency.

Our team will be on-site to discuss and network around your DNS Security needs on stand 3B50, sharing expertise and knowledge to grow stronger and more resilient together.

Attend our session on 31th October, at 11:45AM and learn more on how you can Elevate your network security with DNS threat intelligence and observability services with Manuel Sanchez,  Customer Solutions Architect  at EfficientIP.More info on the event here.

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