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IP Address Management Solutions

Unified Management of IP Plan and Multi-Vendor DNS and DHCP Services


SOLIDserver stores all information concerning the overall IP address and VLAN plans (IP addresses, IP pools, subnets) as well as DNS and DHCP server configurations in a centralized repository. It provides a single, comprehensive and real-time view of the entire address space deployed over multiple networks, and with address pools and DNS information deployed on multiple DHCP and DNS servers throughout the network. SOLIDserver enables comprehensive access to data across an overall network at a glance, based on user-defined or standard search criteria. Several powerful search engines enable simple or complex searches based on multiple criteria, not only within a server or a subnet but across all data networks. This unique approach allows us to drill into the embedded database using customized criteria in order to select specifically requested information, ensuring efficient management aligned with operational needs.

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IPAM central repository infographic

Flexible and Scalable IP Plan Modeling

The IP addressing plan is the foundation of the network upon which network services are organized and deployed. The IP addressing structure can be defined according to one or several criteria which can be technical, administrative or organizational. As a consequence, one of the fundamental requirements for an efficient IPAM solution is to ensure the possibility to model existing and future IP plan organizations according to your needs and criteria.


Flexibility and Scalability: SOLIDserver enables you to model an IP addressing plan precisely and easily, according to multiple criteria. It is possible to mix and match models to construct a tailor-made address structure for your company. There is no limitation on the number of levels and depth that can be defined in the IP plan. All branches of this tailor-made tree structure can be independent if needed. This makes it fast and easy to design and manage VLSM subnets (Variable Length Subnet Masking). The flexibility of hierarchical tree structures certifies the ease of modifications. It is possible to reorganize, extend, and migrate IP addressing plans according to the evolution of your enterprise.


Engineering Rules applied on the IP Addressing Plan: Hierarchical IP structures enable you to define specific properties, attributes and constraints to be applied to resources and objects, such as name and size, for each level of the IP addressing plan. Properties of the resources can be inherited from a level to a sub-level, to be included in a hierarchical organization of engineering rules mapped on the hierarchical IP plan structure.


This unique and unequaled approach allows you to adapt your IPAM tool not only to your specific IP plan structure but also to your engineering rules of resource deployment, applied to each level of your IP plan.

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See our IPAM in action with a demo of SOLIDserver DDI.

SOLIDserver is a unified DDI management solution that enables you to manage and deploy IP addressing plans and VLANs with DNS and DHCP services from a single tool and in one operation. For example, It is possible to create, in one operation, a /24 subnet with a range of IP addresses allocated through DHCP service. All configurations will be automatically carried out by SOLIDserver on remote defined DNS and DHCP servers and will configure DNS and DHCP services according to specified options. The SOLIDserver GUI displays all information in a single view for immediate access. DNS, DHCP, VLAN and IP plan data are easily consolidated. Similarly, the manual allocation or deletion of an IP address in the subnet will automatically update DNS service configurations by creating or deleting A, PTR and CNAME records on the appropriate DNS server(s).

templates of networks for automating subnet creations
image of active IP addresses and port tracking

SOLIDserver enables you to create templates of networks for automating and streamlining subnet creations. When creating a new subnet, the administrator can select a template to apply and all specific properties of the template will be applied to the subnet and objects inside the subnet. It is possible to restrict access to only authorized IP address templates for each IP range of the subnet. For instance, authorize only the use of a Printer template for IP addresses within a printer range. Similarly, it is possible to create dedicated templates for VoIP subnets with specific predefined options, size, naming conventions or DNS templates for internal or external zones.

Disaster Recovery Processes

Multi-Vendors DNS and DHCP Disaster Recovery Processes: SOLIDserver enables simple, fast and secure disaster recovery processes. SOLIDserver stores all required information for multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services recovery in its embedded database. For example, in case of a Microsoft® DHCP server crash SOLIDserver can push the complete configuration of the crashed server onto a new server, with the exact configuration it had just before the crash. In a short period of time the DHCP service will be up without painful administration tasks. All risks of conflicting IP address allocation are eliminated.


Disaster Recovery Processes for Networks Using SOLIDserver:SOLIDserver has a local embedded database with integrity control mechanisms requiring no ongoing maintenance. The local database of all SOLIDserver appliances can be replicated in real-time on an appliance called SOLID Master. The database replication includes the entire service, network and system configurations of the appliances. This means that the DNS and DHCP architecture is its own backup architecture. Backups can also be done on an FTP server.

image of SOLIDServer master replication flow

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