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Malik Abuserdaneh

Technical Sales Manager

"EfficientIP is such a great place to work and grow in, the trust and encouragement that is always given from the management and all team members is priceless"

Malik Abuserdaneh

What is your daily job?

I am acting as a Technical Sales Manager, thus my role is considered as a composite of both technical and Sales Role.

The list of my daily routine at work starts from meeting customers to pitch the solution, then follow-up with them to present, demonstrate and architect the requirements.

I follow-up on the RFPs and directly with End Customers to build solution designs with various options and according to best practices, budget limit, customer needs and other factors.

Then as another priority and on a daily basis I have regular calls and meetings with our distributors and partners to catch up on what is going through the channel, what leads may come and what is the status of each and every existing opportunity or project.

On the other hand, I leave some time to keep my technical skills to the best by calling the existing customers to resolve issues and to answer their request. Moreover, I call the PS and SE team members at our Distributor to relief any struggles they have facing in terms of technical questions, designs and customer questions that comes through them.

I leave some portion of my day to keep updated on the trends of DDI by reading updates, KBs, talking with technical experts, reviewing reports for Efficient IP and our competitors.

Why did you choose this job?

I had always passion to work on DDI solutions. Once EfficientIP called me, proposing an offer to join as a solution architect, I had a feeling at that moment that this would be my dream job especially that I liked the challenge of being one of the main team members who will represent the product in the Middle East.

What qualities make a good Technical Sales Manager?

One of the key factors of being a good Technical Sales Manager is building the trust with the end customers, having a great relation with a lot of Network and Security admins in various entities and enterprises was one of the best strengths I had.

This trust and relations came by time, I would say that I have never rejected a call from anyone asking a DNS relevant question or assistance when the site went down for a reason or another, this helped building my reputation in the region.

Believing always, if you put good into the world, good comes back to you.

The project you are most proud of ?

Quoting Pelé, The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. Emirates Schools Establishment [ESE] was the first and the most project I am proud of. ESE is an enterprise education entity in UAE, having more than 300,000 end users. The difficult part of this project was that they were having previously one of our competitors DDI and our proposal was a total replacement, thus it was a challenge to convince administrators of the system and the management to change the solution they have after being very used to it.

If your job could be summed up in a song title, what would it be?

“An Efficient Believer”

If you had to describe EfficientIP in a few words?

I am really pleased to be part of EfficientIP family. EfficientIP gave me more than what I could think of.

EfficientIP is such a great place to work and grow in, the trust and encouragement that is always given from the management and all team members is priceless.

What do you like most about the company?

I like the flexibility which allowed me to think personally out of the box and to try to achieve more and more. Another thing that I like for most is that all team members and colleagues are trustworthy and helpful.

In another life, what animal were you? 

Horse: they are strong, intelligent, fast-moving animals.

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