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What is NetSecOps?

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NetSecOps is a movement that aspires to integrate workflows for networking and security teams. This approach would give network operations (NetOps) and security operations teams (SecOps) the resources to collaborate more efficiently across infrastructure design, incident handling, monitoring, and response.

Years ago, NetOps and SecOps were a united team. As network infrastructure grew in sophistication, the need for specialized departments increased with it.

The rise of cloud technology paired with the loss of network visibility and control over IT has brought the need for team collaboration back to the forefront. For most businesses, the leading concern of implementing a cloud-based system is cloud network security.

At your average company, it isn’t just one team that claims responsibility for the public cloud security. The management of public cloud security is segmented throughout NOCs, DevOps, and SecOps. These teams don’t collaborate on a regular basis, so there are potential gaps in security.

Both NetOps and SecOps require “source of trut” network data in order to properly do their jobs. If these two teams were to work together and exchange information, it could be revolutionary for the majority of network operations.

A unified NetSecOps team can respond to and deal with threats more efficiently than if they were on two separate teams.

A fully unified NetSecOps team takes away overlap and redundancy. For business owners, that means saving on labor and operational costs and reducing security risks.

Lack of network visibility would cease to be an issue as well because an integrated NetSecOps team would have the tools needed to enable full visibility. That alone would ensure that network performance and security are being properly managed.