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NetSecOps: Aligning Network and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research on NetSecOps collaboration has revealed that a vast majority of enterprises reported public cloud, work-from-anywhere, data center modernization, and IoT as the drivers for their network and security teams to work together. The EMA research report summary, sponsored by EfficientIP, highlights the results of a detailed online survey of IT professionals and interviews with stakeholders in billion-dollar enterprises.

Download NetSecOps: Aligning Networking and Security Teams to Ensure Digital Transformation to learn more about:

  • Why 83% of surveyed professionals agreed that the security team’s examining more  network data contributes to more network and security team collaboration
  • How automation enables better collaboration between groups
  • How do network management tools support these partnerships
  • Why some enterprises don’t align networking and security teams and how that can stunt an organization’s growth