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What is DDNS (Dynamic DNS)?

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DDNS (Dynamic DNS) is a method of refreshing a name server with no manual configuration. Dynamics DNS ensures you do not have to be concerned with changes in IP addresses. A DDNS is a service that automatically updates your DNS’s IPv4 or IPv6 records when your public IP address is modified.

DDNS services are extremely useful for people who have a variety of technology needs. For instance, people who want to host their CCTV cameras, VPN, apps, or game servers from their home computer or laptop. DDNS provides complete accessibility, ensuring that you can access your devices even if your IP address changes.

Using DDNS is also cost-effective. Without it, IP address conflicts can end up costing money. With DDNS, you won’t need a network administrator to be responsible for checking and reconfiguring your DNS settings.

By using a DDNS service, you eliminate any potential inconveniences that come along with conflicting IP addresses. Residential IP addresses are automatically updated when a DDNS service is in effect.

Instead of manually updating and configuring your IP addresses to make sure there won’t be any conflict, it will be done automatically for you. The ability to access your devices through a simple domain name is a huge convenience.