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What is Infrastructure as Code?

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What is Infrastructure as Code? Infrastructure as Code (most commonly called IAC) is an IT technique that involves the managing and provisioning of infrastructure through code instead of manual processes that take more time.

In the past, managing IT infrastructure was a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. The system administrators and other IT professionals who were responsible for manually managing and configuring all of the necessary hardware and software often found themselves bogged down with work.

As companies and their IT departments grew, the work seemed to be never-ending and increasingly complex.

Cloud computing has transformed the technology world and made infrastructure as code more necessary than ever. The main benefit of Infrastructure as Code involves managing your IT infrastructure by using configuration files.

By utilizing configuration files, instead of manually managing and configuring IT infrastructure, administrators can handle most changes remotely with a simple file. This approach saves system administrators time and companies money.

As technology evolves, how we work with it becomes more efficient over time. Using Infrastructure as Code paired with cloud computing, companies can drastically improve their speed and significantly lower costs. IAC ensures that configurations are fully traceable, which means that system administrators can keep themselves accountable.