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Mitigating DNS Zero-Day Exploits With Hybrid Architecture

Strengthening The DNS Infrastructure

Your network is vulnerable to cyber attacks in ways you likely have not heard of, or ever even imagined. The possibilities offered by a successful takeover of DNS servers are tremendous, allowing for traffic redirection, malware control or simply arbitrary service outages. As a result, DNS security must be made a top priority among IT professionals, shedding a light on a more secure approach to protecting the protocol- a hybrid approach.

This paper describes hybridization and its challenges in plain terms, and explains how to deploy manageable, secure and reliable hybrid DNS architectures.

Learn more about how Hybrid DNS Engine technology:

  • Protects against zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Improves security risk management
  • Bolsters DNS nameserver security best practices
  • Eliminates single point of failure (SPOF)