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Webinar: App Access Control- Leveraging Allow Lists to Make DNS Your First Line of Defense

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According to the 2021 Global DNS Threat Report from IDC, 87% of enterprises experienced one or more DNS-based attacks, 76% suffered application downtime (cloud and/or in-house) and 26% were the victim of data theft. In this webinar you will discover how you can make DNS your first line of defense to protect your applications, users and data.

After reviewing the unique capability to filter applications access with DNS at the user level using allow/deny lists (whitelisting) combined with domains filtering, you will see a demonstration showing how various categories of users from “unknown” to IoT (including employees, guests, ITOps, SecOps) will be granted differentiated access to Internet categories, but more importantly to the internal applications and the infrastructure.

You will also learn about:

  • Zero Trust foundations and DNS security tenets
  • EfficientIP DNS security layer between users and applications
  • Zero Trust strategy using EfficientIP DNS security

This session has already occurred- please check it out on demand.

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