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IP EXPO Europe – Three reasons to jam with EfficientIP

September 26, 2017 | Efficient IP |

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The huge investment flowing into the global technology economy is making global tech hubs the place to be for talented individuals. The excitement in the technology industry is understandable because they are seen as fast growth businesses with the potential to pay back investors very quickly. It is not the only sign technology is taking over music industry as the ‘cool’ place to work in, with Spotify, Deezer, Shazam being a few examples of how technology is challenging the future of the music industry by providing free music streaming services.

Rock music and technology are about to collide again as former boy-band-hero-turned-world-famous-scientist Dr. Brian Cox will be keynoting at IP EXPO Europe on October 4th and 5th. Hold on to your seats though, as Dr. Cox is not the only attraction worth your while at the event. Here are three big reasons why EfficientIP will rock your IP EXPO visit:

  1. Join the dark side: become a hacker at our Live Hacking demo:

Cyber-attacks are in the headlines again. From the WikiLeaks DNS outage to Equifax’s massive data breach, where sensitive data relating to 143 million people were compromised, there are many examples to prove that no organization is safe.

Some experts have claimed the lack of basic software patching made Equifax an easy target for criminals as hackers target known vulnerable software components. Equifax is not alone as our recent research shows that out of 1,000 respondents, 99% of European companies didn’t apply all of the 11 critical security DNS patches recommended by ISC in 2016. Traditional and non-specialised DNS security solutions only give a vague awareness and take inappropriate counter-actions to DNS based attacks.

At IP EXPO, we will demonstrate why DNS servers make such an attractive target for hackers. We will show how DNS can be used as a vector in attacks to take down businesses through a practical demonstration. This demonstration will reveal how hackers can take control of a workstation and exfiltrate data using DNS protocols.

  1. Meet the most innovative DDI player in the market

Cyber criminals are using more advanced techniques to bring down corporate networks, so we must keep innovating to make sure network security is sufficient enough to protect our customers. We have patented four major security innovations in the last three years to protect organisations from all types of attacks on their DNS infrastructure.

  • 2014 Introduction of Hybrid DNS Engine: the first solution to integrate three different DNS Technologies to avoid Zero Day Vulnerability in one click.
  • 2015 Release of DNS Blast: the fastest DNS server able to absorb 17 million queries per second when standard DNS server can only absorb 300,000 queries per second.
  • 2016 Release of DNS Guardian: the first Adaptive DNS Security solution that can adapt its countermeasure depending of the attack.
  • 2017 DNS Guardian V2: introduces Deep DNS Transaction Inspection (DTI) to accurately monitor every DNS transactions from inside the DNS protocol itself.

EfficientIP also offers a complete and integrated suite of appliances for DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) with SOLIDserver™. Beyond increasing network reliability and security, SOLIDserver is a “turn-key” solution helping data centers, cloud computing and any IT team to overcome the challenges of a dynamic infrastructure.

With over 700 customers worldwide, supported by over 100 DDI experts at EfficientIP, we are a leading DDI player.

  1. Telcos discover how we deliver performance, security and simplicity

Telecom operators and their networks are under a lot of pressure as they try to deal with the rise of Edge Computing, mobile app usage and on-demand videos.

If operators optimized their DNS infrastructures, they could meet the challenges of performance, security, simplicity and cost reduction that are crucial for them on the current market. We can show how optimising DNS infrastructures would allow telecom organisations to:

  • Get rid of useless server farms
  • Get rid of unsuitable intermediary security layers
  • Decentralize their DNS architecture

At IP EXPO, EfficientIP will exclusively reveal to the UK press how ill-prepared many telecom organisations are when it comes to protecting their networks and sensitive data.

  • Oct 4th 12:20 – 12:50: Protect Your Data from Data Exfiltration
  • Oct 5th 12:20 – 12:50: Hidden Cost of Network Management

Visit our Stand HH15 on October 4th to join our “Stop and Learn” sessions:

  • Live hacking demos
  • Mission critical IPAM operations and templating
  • Deploying DDI in a cloud environment

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