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EfficientIP Launches Network Design and Deployment Solution

March 10, 2014 | EfficientIP

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EfficientIP launches end-to-end network design and deployment solution

Paris, France, March 10th 2014: EfficientIP a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), today announced the launch of NetChange, a new, agile network management solution that fully integrates configuration with design to enable organisations to deploy their network infrastructure faster and error-free. By employing NetChange, organisations can eradicate unnecessary cost and downtime, caused by poorly planned network changes. Using a single web-based User Interface the NetChange integrates directly with EfficientIP’s Device Manager solution, enabling network designers to create and visualise a network’s architecture and then deploy the new network directly from the new design. NetChange has been developed in response to the growing need of large enterprises, Telco’s and ISPs to rebuild and reduce the cost of sprawling networks. Internet and Telco giants such as AT&T and Google, are examples of organisations that are revamping the networks within their data centres in order to make significant cost savings. Read More

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