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Government Sleepwalking Into $6.7M of DNS Attack Damage

November 19, 2019 | EfficientIP

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Research reveals the government sector is the most popular target for DNS attacks

EfficientIP revealed government organizations were hit by the highest number of DNS attacks per year in its IDC Infobrief 2019 Global DNS Threat Report. Government suffers an average of 12 DNS attacks per year, with each attack costing an average of $558,000, amounting to $6.7 million annually. Over half (51%) of government organizations suffered in-house application downtime as a result of DNS attacks in the last 12 months, rendering potentially vital services inaccessible, while 41% faced cloud service downtime. Another 41% of organizations were impacted by compromised websites, putting data at risk. Almost one in five (19%) government respondents also reported sensitive information or intellectual property being stolen via DNS, by far the highest among all industries.

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