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IDC Global DNS Threat Survey – Combating Ransomware

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Explore crucial insights in this video derived from the Webinar: IDC 2023 Threat Survey Findings – DNS Threat Intelligence for Proactive Defense, featuring expertise from IDC Security Expert Romain Fouchereau. Unveil survey key findings, delve into IDC’s market insights on the key trends, and learn why the approach against ransomware and data theft has to be multifaceted. It has to incorporate regular Cyber security products like firewalls and antivirus, but also requires DNS filtering, DNS threat intelligence and robust DNS traffic analysis. With this layered strategy you will be able to position your organization to effectively combat threats.

Topics Covered

  • IDC survey findings on ransomware attacks
  • how DNS security helps identify and prevent access to malicious domains
  • key DNS security components: DNS filtering, DNS threat intelligence, DNS traffic analysis

Want more? Check out the full webinar here.

Also read Cyber Threat Intelligence document: IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report

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