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New Release SOLIDserver 8.2: Cloud Observer and Network Object Manager

May 4, 2023 | EfficientIP

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November 9, 2022- EfficientIP, the DDI security and automation specialist (DNS, DHCP, IPAM), today announced the launch of its Cloud Observer and Network Object Manager. The latest version of its DDI solution, SOLIDserver 8.2, introduces these new products to help organisations track and consolidate their multi-cloud environments to enable automation and give customers agility and operational efficiency.

EfficientIP’s Cloud Observer helps organisations discover, track and consolidate cloud instances and associated network information across multiple cloud providers. This includes notably Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, VMware and AWS.  Cloud Observer discovers different information and properties of cloud instances and networks, including but not limited to CPU, disk space, memory space, as well as IP addresses, and provides access to it in a unified way. A single pane of glass provides customers with the analytics to improve cost control, reporting and audits. Furthermore, tracking instances across clouds with better and more accurate data means that customers can improve risk management and compliance. The latest release also provides a unified management platform to check the status of virtual machines running and those no longer in use to provide comprehensive visibility and eliminate potential security threats, including shadow IT and many others

“Due to the rapid adoption of multi-cloud environments, large enterprises are now facing increased security risks, cost pressures and resourcing issues, whilst also suffering from a lack of governance and visibility” says Norman Girard, CEO of EfficientIP. “We are proud that our latest solution can provide customers with analytics and valuable insights into their cloud instances and associated networks to help overcome these challenges.” 

SOLIDserver 8.2 will also see the launch of EfficientIP’s Network Object Manager to provide organisations with a single source of truth from network data. This product allows inventories virtual and physical devices to easily model and visualise network topologies.  Data can be shared with other systems to enable end-to-end management process automation.. Networking and security deployments can be done automatically in a single process, as well as allowing customers to design and prepare new network topology deployments.

 According to Gartner analysts, 85% of infrastructure and operation leaders without full automation expect to increase automation, and by 2023, 60% of data centre network configuration activities will be automated. Therefore, the need for solutions which enable automation and compliance within multi-cloud environments is essential.

“In today’s digital world, automation will become the norm instead of the exception. Therefore, it is crucial that our DDI solution is an automation enabler for our customers”, says Norman Girard. “Enterprises need agility and operational efficiency when it comes to their multi-cloud environments. Our solution helps customers plan, build and automate their networks to guarantee flexibility and a single source of truth to provide effective operational management.”

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