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NIS 2 Enforcement – Get Your DNS Ready! Watch Now

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Is your organization ready for NIS 2 compliance?

Discover actionable insights and prepare your defenses with Protective DNS. Join Yaelle Harel & Alexandre Chauvin-Hameau on the webinar recording of Coming This Autumn: NIS 2 Enforcement – Get Your DNS Ready!

NIS 2 enforcement brings financial penalties and reputational risks for non-compliant companies operating in European countries. This webinar deep dives into NIS 2 adoption and how robust DNS security is essential for strengthening cybersecurity resilience. 

Discover actionable strategies to strengthen cyber risk management, improve incident response, and ensure compliance.  

By enhancing their DNS security with robust threat intelligence measures, organizations can strengthen their network defenses, minimizing cyber risks, and ensuring compliance with new standards set by the NIS 2 regulation.

Learn how EfficientIP’s innovative DNS solution acts as your first line of defense, empowering you to address the security requirements of NIS 2.

  1. NIS 2 Directive transposition status.
  2. NIS 2 Key requirements
    – Risk Management
    – Incident handling
    – Business continuity
    – Reporting & Disclosure
  3. The role of DNS Security in meeting the NIS 2 Requirements.
  4. How EfficientIP’s DNS solution can help meeting the NIS 2 Requirements.


Alexandre Chauvin-Hameau
Product Manager
Alexander leads EfficientIP security products design and specification, drawing from vast experience in DNS, networking and cybersecurity.

Yaelle Harel
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Yaelle manages EfficientIP’s product marketing for security solutions, leveraging over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity protection and compliance.

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