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Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your IPAM

August 26, 2021 | Written by: Surinder Paul | ,

As the technology that drives business forward evolves, so does the need for a more complex network that keeps everyone securely connected. An improved IP address management (IPAM) solution upgrade can help make it easier to build and maintain an inventory of your networks, subnets and IP addresses, and preserve the health of your network overall. A timely upgrade can help you efficiently manage this vital area of your organization. Learn more about modernizing your IPAM solution and how a better system can benefit your organization in the long run.

IPAM: Assessing Your Current System

In determining when to make the switch, start by evaluating the shortcomings of the system you have in place. Spreadsheets, custom scripts, and other methodologies may have proven successful in the past. However, that was before the need for multiple devices per user, cloud computing, IoT and other advances became essential to businesses around the globe. From enhanced reliability to overall efficiency, there are several reasons to upgrade to a smarter IPAM solution. Here are just a few signs it’s time to make the switch:

Human Error Is Becoming More Frequent & Disruptive

IP address management in Excel may work for certain networks with fewer geographical locations, but IPAM spreadsheets can become too complex to manage as your network grows. Multiple users, complex configurations, errant keystrokes, and a lack of version control can not only make your spreadsheet inaccurate, but it can also put your network in jeopardy as you try to enforce naming conventions and to also keep your IP planning in sync with your DNS (Domain Name System) and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

Security Threats Are Difficult to Track

If an outside agent masks their location to make it appear as though they’re part of your network, how do you pinpoint this security threat? A reporting system that provides visibility over used and unused IP addresses in real time can help make pinpointing and troubleshooting cyber-security threats that much simpler.

Admin Tasks Are Too Time Consuming

From lack of automation to narrow user accessibility, spreadsheets and other methods have their limits. Exploring IPAM solutions that speed up tasks, allow you to delegate, and offer automated real-time updates will reduce overall administration time. Having a system with global visibility into your entire network and providing a single source of truth can save valuable resources.

Network Growth Is On the Horizon

As your network grows, so will your need for more IP addresses and other network resources. Network automation will become more and more desirable alongside your need to scale your team and network management systems. Whether you’re expanding to complete temporary projects or exploring complete digital transformation, your company will need a more efficient IPAM solution to manage the IP resources on your network to help it reach its full potential.

Make the Switch to an Enterprise IPAM Solution

An innovative enterprise IPAM can serve as a repository that puts your digital inventory at your fingertips, allowing you to manage several key components of your network at once and monitor daily activity in real time. IPAM systems make it easy to maintain key records, such as:

  • Free/assigned IP address space
  • Subnet size
  • Current users
  • IP address hostname
  • Hardware associated with each IP address
  • And more…

The ability to oversee several areas of your network simultaneously and streamline tasks frees up valuable admin time. What’s more, an IPAM upgrade can make it easier to detect abnormal behavior early before it becomes a critical issue, keeping your network safer in the long run.

By upgrading your outgrown or legacy IPAM solution and manual processes with a centralized and automated IPAM infrastructure with EfficientIP, you can handle all network challenges in any network environment, from data center, to cloud, to hybrid.

Simplify & Secure Your Network

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