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EfficientIP and Nomios Sign A European Partnership

March 1, 2022 | EfficientIP

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Nomios partners with EfficientIP to strengthen its DDI and cybersecurity offering in all its European markets.

EfficientIP, the French specialist in DDI automation (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) and security, has announced the signing of a pan-European partnership with Nomios, a specialist provider in cybersecurity and network solutions. The collaboration provides Nomios with the capabilities to deliver EfficientIP’s DDI offering autonomously in Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

After the success of the partnership in France over the last 3 years, Nomios decided to integrate the EfficientIP solution package to complete its DDI and security offering in the European market. Nomios will leverage EfficientIP’s patented DNS security solutions to enable customers to adopt a more comprehensive security posture in the face of rising cyber risks. DDI automation solutions help organisations strengthen their customer support throughout digital transformation projects such as virtualisation and network security for remote workers.

Nomios is a valued partner of EfficientIP as it deploys and promotes its DDI offering in Europe. The partnership allows EfficientIP to utilise Nomios’ strong knowledge of the challenges customers are facing in the market. The company will also harness all the necessary skills and resources needed to take advantage of the EfficientIP solutions and support its customers independently.

“Our mission is to be as close as possible to the security of our customers’ information systems by providing them with the best possible solutions. EfficientIP is a strategic partner for Nomios because its offer responds to major challenges faced by companies today. It is an innovative DDI solutions provider that has introduced patented features and award-winning solutions, allowing us to go further in network automation and security,” commented Sébastien Kher, CEO, Nomios.

“Nomios has already demonstrated its commitment and ability to support its customers by structuring projects around security and networks throughout Europe. With this extended partnership, they will be able to add EfficientIP offerings to their portfolio and deliver even greater value through DDI and DNS security,” said Norman Girard, CEO, EfficientIP.

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