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New Release SOLIDserver 8.1 Simplifies Cloud Management

November 23, 2022 | EfficientIP

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SOLIDserver 8.1 enables customers to simplify cloud management and increase operational efficiency

EfficientIP today announced the launch of the latest version of its DDI suite, SOLIDserver™, which provides centralized DNS management and network security for hybrid cloud infrastructures. SOLIDserver 8.1 introduces an array of capabilities to help customers become a multi-cloud organization in an era where agility and operational efficiency is key.

According to Gartner analysts, more than 85 percent of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025, with Faction additionally claiming that 92 percent of organizations, and 82 percent of large enterprises have already adopted a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The need for a solution that ensures a smooth transition to multi-cloud architectures has never been higher.

Designed to align with the rapid transition to the cloud, and the growing need for solutions that complement a multi-cloud strategy, EfficientIP’s latest release helps organizations simplify and automate their cloud management, providing the capability to move more easily between individual cloud providers according to their business needs.

In the latest update, EfficientIP have added Google Cloud Platform to their list of cloud service providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure, helping customers to eliminate the restriction of being tied to one cloud service provider while also enhancing their cloud infrastructure.

In the past couple of years there has been a massive transition to the cloud and the adoption of cloud-based services, including Microsoft Azure, AWS Route 53 and the Google Cloud Platform,” says Jean-Yves Bisiaux, CTO of EfficientIP. “We are pleased to be the only vendor with the means to offer end users with the ability to release themselves from being locked-in with one cloud service provider, opening a massive opportunity to be agile and efficient in ways they were unable to before. It is inevitable that we are all going to ‘be’ multi-cloud, and without the right solution that will enable them to realize the potential of their businesses, organizations will face huge challenges. Our solution ensures our customers don’t face these challenges, and instead, provides the ability for security teams to operate their day-to-day tasks easily and effectively.

SOLIDserver 8.1 also builds on EfficientIP’s ability to unify management of AWS Route 53 and Microsoft Azure public DNS services by adding private DNS services’ management, thus ensuring that customers have a robust multi-cloud architecture and cross-platform automation capability.

Leveraging the ability to discover networks and IP-related resources that have been deployed across Microsoft AzureAWS and Google Compute, SOLIDserver 8.1 can gather all the data deployed across the cloud platforms into one single place- providing visibility, agility, consistency control and advanced reporting- further simplifying the day-to-day management of a multi-vendor, public and private DNS services strategy which can be managed from a single pane of glass.

Further capabilities of EfficientIP’s latest version release include tag-based microsegmentation: This innovation dramatically simplifies Application Zoning to help the implementation of a Zero Trust strategy by controlling at the DNS service level, user access to application at the earliest point in the flow.

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